Fruition Fruits and Fills

When donut and pastry filling manufacturer Fruition Fruits and Fills became part of the Tim Hortons family, it was only natural they move their operations to Oakville, Ontario, to be closer to their parent company. Tnemec coating systems had been used for the flooring within the old Fruition facility, so when the 7,500-square-foot production area was being designed for their new home, it was no surprise that the proven performance of Tnemec stood out from the competition.

Production areas in food manufacturing plants require coating systems that are able to withstand aggressive environments such as forklift traffic, high temperatures and frequent wash downs. Tnemec coating systems were specified for the two production rooms in Fruition’s new facility in order to properly match each room’s environment. Series 245 Ultra-Tread S, a polyurethane modified concrete floor topping, was applied at 3/16” thickness to both production floors, and finished with a loop roller to smooth out the area and help bring the liquid to the surface to better seal the system. Ultra-Tread S was designed with food and beverage facilities in mind, and is formulated to withstand thermal shock due to hot liquids and aggressive cleaning procedures.

In the first production area, Series 243 Ultra-Tread V, a vertical version of Series 245, was applied at 1/8” thickness to create a 12” cove around the perimeter of the room. “Series 243 was specified for the cove in this production room because of the more aggressive environment,” explained Tnemec coating consultant David Walker. “This area had more exposure to wash downs and water temperature changes.”

Series 237 Power-Tread, a polyamine epoxy, created the 12” cove base in the less critical production room, applied at 1/8” thickness. “These systems worked very well for the facility,” noted Walker, “just as they are designed to.”

In order to complete work in food and beverage facilities in Canada, Tnemec’s Environmental Department spent hours completing forms and submitting materials for approval to ensure Tnemec products can be used in these environments. In fact, many of Tnemec’s floor and coating systems are approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for use in Canadian food and beverage facilities.

    Project Information

    Oakville, Ontario, Canada

    August 2005

    Tim Hortons, Inc. of Oakville, Ontario

    Tim Hortons, Inc. of Oakville, Ontario

    Applied Industrial Flooring of Mississauga, Ontario

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