USACE Deck Cargo Barge

Fewer environments are as harsh as those found in the marine industry, where water and weather conditions are a constant corrosive threat to assets. This is especially true the longer a marine asset is in service – take 66 years for example. When HUCO Blasting approached local Tnemec representatives at Atlantic Coating Consultants about coating a US Army Corps of Engineers’ 160’ x 30’ deck cargo barge that had been operating since 1956, the team knew it would need to employ some of Tnemec’s most-reliable marine coatings.

“Tnemec has a reputation of supplying high-quality paints and coatings for more than 100 years,” said Andy Margarit, Marine Sales Director at Tnemec. “Our products are formulated to perform in harsh environments, like those that marine vessels and barges experience. We worked with HUCO Blasting and the Army Corps of Engineers to develop and approve a paint specification that would ensure the long-lasting protection of their marine assets.”

HUCO and the Tnemec team decided to use an epoxy/urethane system for its proven history of performance in the marine industry. The Army Corps made some hull repairs then HUCO came in and spot primed with Series N69 Epoxoline, followed by a full coat of Series N69 and a topcoat of Series 72 Endura-Shield above the water line.

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Series N69 was chosen for its corrosion protection abilities, its abrasion resistance and its performance in immersion environments. Series 72 has excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, provides superior protection in wet environments and holds its color and gloss well, making it another obvious choice for the coatings system. It also offers the benefit of being a Low VOC coating, making it better for the environment and safer for the people working with it.

“My guys were very impressed with how Series N69 laid down and covered all the surfaces,” said Doug Hughes at HUCO Blasting. “Series 72 was also really user friendly and looks awesome. It has a great shine, and we were able to only use a single coat of the yellow to cover the black. We will be using more Tnemec coatings in the future, for sure.”

Tnemec understands that performance matters, especially in conditions that many marine assets encounter. That’s why every product is tested and retested to ensure longevity. This means fewer recoats and less maintenance hassle over time. The owners can count on Tnemec’s reliable coatings system to keep this barge looking great and performing its best when in service.

    Project Information

    Project Location
    Memphis, Tennessee

    Project Completion Date
    Feb 2022

    U.S. Army Corp of Engineers (USACE)

    HUCO Blasting Services

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