Port of Seattle Terminal 46

When the Port of Seattle embarked on a major renovation of its Terminal 46 leased by one of it largest volume carriers, project engineers ensured a new headquarters building was in ship-shape by specifying a metallic finish coat from Tnemec. "The exo-skeletal design of the building is unique," according to Tnemec coating consultant Torin Mowbray. "The structural steel consisted of wide-flange I-beams that are holding the building up from its exterior. On one side of the building is a glass curtain wall that leans outward at a 20-degree angle. The top of the building sticks out from the bottom so you can actually look out from the upper level offices and see the ground without seeing the floor below you."

The architect on the project received a determination that waived fireproofing for the wide-flange I-beams supporting the building. Series 27 F.C. Typoxy, a polyamide epoxy roller-applied at 4.0 mils DFT, was required as a field tie-coat when a non-Tnemec primer applied by the fabricator started to bleed rust at the job site. "The architect wanted a tie coat applied to renovate the primer that was failing, but they didn't want to delay the schedule by using a product that took several days to cure," Mowbray recalled. "F.C. Typoxy provides fast curing and can be recoated within hours of being applied."

Series 1077 Enduralume, an acrylic polyurethane that contains a sparkle aluminum pigment that creates a metallic finish, was specified as the finish coat for the exposed structural steel. The coating is also resistant to abrasion, wet conditions and weathering, and contains UV absorbers for extended color and gloss retention. "This is a coastal, salt environment with a wind that comes off Elliott Bay, plus the building faces southwest and is directly exposed to ultra-violet sunlight," Mowbray reported.

"After more than three years, everybody is happy with the aesthetics of this building," Mowbray added. "It's located right on the waterfront where everyone can see it, surrounded by cranes and warehouses, so it’s a real diamond in the rough."

Terminal 46 is located on the southeast side of Elliot Bay, just south of downtown Seattle and north of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway's Seattle Intermodal Gateway rail yard. The terminal is leased by Hanjin Shipping Company, which is based in Seoul, Korea.

    Project Information

    Seattle, WA

    September 2003

    Port of Seattle

    Merritt Pardini Architecture, Seattle, WA

    Field Applicator
    Pacific Construction Systems, Bellevue, WA

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    Port of Seattle

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