Pain Court, Ontario

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent has begun a tradition of being included in the running for Tank of the Year by utilizing high-performance coatings in an intricate and exciting way on a handful of its local water towers. The municipality’s newest water tank design in Pain Court, Ontario, showcases a similar design to a former Tank of the Year contender in Chatham, and utilizes a similar coating system, too. The CET’s design was completed using Tnemec’s long-lasting, UV-resistant finish coat, HydroFlon, to help retain the color and gloss for years to come. As the highest voted Canadian tank during the People’s Choice contest, the Pain Court tank demanded the attention of the contest judges and now stands as another great-looking finalist in the Great White North.

Click here for a large image of the tank in Pain Court, Ontario.

    Project Information

    Pain Court, Ontario, CA

    September 2020

    Field Applicator
    Landmark Municipal Services


    CIMA +

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