M/V Coastal Standard

Coastal Transportation is a Seattle-based shipping company that provides transportation of goods between Seattle and various destinations throughout Alaska. One of their newer vessels, the Coastal Standard, was recently brought into drydock at Dakota Creek Industries in Anacortes, WA for routine maintenance and USCG inspections. As with most drydocks, one of the most pressing needs was to give the vessel a fresh coat of paint.

In early conversations with Tnemec, the owners identified that they were looking for a coating that would withstand the daily abuse the boat takes while still providing solid UV protection that would keep her blues bright and shiny for years. It was clear that the properties of Tnemec’s Series V290 CRU (chemical-resistant urethane) was the coating best suited for the task. Series V290 has one of the best gloss retentions of an air-dried finish coat on the market. Series V290 also has added polyester in the resin that greatly improves the abrasion resistance. It was clear that V290 checked all the boxes to achieve the long-term coating performance that Coastal had not seen with their previous paint manufacturer.

The applicators of Dakota Creek Industries started by abrading the existing coatings by hand to remove the gloss and help with the adhesion of the V290 overcoat. Where needed, the crew then hand-tool cleaned any areas with severe corrosion. Next up was spot-priming the boat with Series 394 PerimePrime above the waterline, followed by Series N69 Hi-Build Epoxoline II. To finish out the coating system above the waterline, the vessel was overcoated with Series V290.

Not too long after they finished the V290 application, an unexpected storm blew through. The shipyard noted that if this happened with their standard coatings manufacturer that the coating would not react well to early exposure of moisture and would require the team to redo all of the work they had just completed. But due to the short amount of time that V290 can come in contact with moisture, the crew showed up in the morning to a beautiful-looking paint job with no additional work necessary. By choosing Tnemec, the yard was able to avoid a second round of surface prep and repainting which ended up saving them both time and money.

When it comes to paints and coatings, Tnemec knows that Performance Matters. Coastal Transportation can rest assured knowing the system Tnemec provided will hold up against the harsh Northwest and Alaskan conditions that these boats see daily. Tnemec is proud to provide longer lifecycles to these vessels and help keep them on the water longer while looking better. Coastal Transportation has set sail again with a vessel that is not only protected with the best-performing coatings but looks great on the water too.

    Project Information

    Anacortes, Washington

    May 12, 2023

    Coastal Transportation - Seattle, WA

    Dakota Creek Industries - Anacortes, WA

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    M:V Coastal Standard (final)

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