LeBeouf Brothers Towing

LeBeouf Brothers Towing is a towboat and barge operator headquartered in Bourg, Louisiana. LeBeouf has made their name with reliable marine and barge transportation for the petroleum and chemical manufacturers along the gulf coast and up the inland waterways of the central US. Their fleet is comprised of almost 50 push boats and nearly one hundred barges. As with most large marine transportation companies, the amount of equipment, paint, and labor associated with repainting creates a major expense. When an opportunity was presented that would save LeBeouf money by extending the service life of the coating, they were interested to learn more.


LeBeouf met with representatives of Tnemec Company and the local Tnemec agency in Louisiana, Technical Coating Services. During the conversation, it was noted that with their existing coating system, the barges were being painted every five years due to color and gloss loss, as well as issues with corrosion and chipping/pealing of the coating system.

By using Tnemec’s Marine coating system, LeBeouf will soon see what Tnemec has preached for over 100 years. Tnemec manufactures all of our products with the goal of providing longer asset life cycles, and less maintenance and downtime, because in the coatings world, Performance Matters!

    Project Information

    Project Location
    Bourg, LA

    Project Completion Date
    December 2022

    LeBeouf Brothers Towing - Bourg, LA

    Bourg Dry Dock - Bourg, LA

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