Hopkins Ground Storage Tank

When the Hopkins Water Supply Corporation in Texas decided to overcoat a 65,000 gallon ground storage tank using two new advanced technology coatings from Tnemec Company, the project was completed “without a hitch,” according to Tnemec coating consultant Justin Taute. “There’s always a concern with overcoating, but adhesion was excellent and everything went well,” Taute reported. “Feedback has been very positive.”

Located north of Sulphur Springs, Texas, the tank had been previously coated with a standard polyurethane finish which had faded over time. After being pressure-washed at 3,500 psi, the tank’s exterior received a full coat of Series 27WB Typoxy, an advanced generation, high solids, water-based epoxy that is excellent as a tie coat on previously painted surfaces. “The forgiving nature of Series 27WB and its ability to be used over marginally prepared surfaces makes it a very versatile coating,” Taute acknowledged.

Series 27WB Typoxy is thinned with potable water for ease of application, offers nearly 100 percent solids by volume, is virtually odor free and volatile organic compound (VOC) compliant. The cured film forms a very hard surface that can be topcoated by a host of Tnemec waterborne and solvent-borne coatings.

A finish coat of Series 740 UVX, an advanced technology polyurethane that combines less than 100 grams/liter VOC content with superior color and gloss retention, was spray-applied. Series 740 UVX provides a hard, durable film that resists abrasion and exterior weathering. The refurbished tank sits alongside a second ground storage tank that still has its original finish, providing a dramatic ‘before’ and ‘after’ comparison. “It has a gloss and color that stands out quite a bit compared to the other tank,” Taute noted.

    Project Information

    Hopkins County, Texas

    May 2008

    Water Utility Maintenance of Sulphur Springs, TX

    Hayes Engineering of Longview, TX

    Hopkins Water Supply

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