Durango Jail

When damaged bathroom and shower areas at Maricopa County’s Durango Jail required corrective maintenance, facility managers turned to Tnemec for a coating system that could lock down protection against moisture and prying fingers. “The walls and floors had a lot of water damage,” according to Tnemec coating consultant Eric Brackman. “They needed something that had a nice, aesthetic appearance, but that would also provide them with long-term performance and easy cleaning.”

The coating system applied creates a seamless “bathtub effect” on the floors and walls, Brackman noted. After the tiles on the wall were torn out and the concrete floors abrasive shot-blasted in accordance with SSPC-SP13/NACE No. 6, a coat of Series 237 Power-Tread - a modified polyamine epoxy resin - combined with Series 222 Deco-Tread colored quartz, was applied to the floors at 1/4” thickness. The same coating system was then continued up the walls at 1/8” thickness. Both products protect against impact, abrasion and chemicals.

Next, both the walls and floors were grouted with one coat of Series 284 DecoClear, a clear polyamine epoxy, followed by a topcoat of Series 285 Satinglaze, a clear polyamine epoxy with an orange peel finish. Lastly, a coat of Series 295 Clear CRU, an extremely hard, chemical-resistant clear urethane loaded with Series 211 glass beads, was applied to the floors to enhance skid resistance and to prevent urine from staining the floors.

Since the Durango Jail project was completed in 2005, Maricopa County has used the same coating system on other detention facility projects including kitchen areas and a cafeteria. “They’re very loyal customers because we provide them with the high-quality products and services they need,” Brackman added.

    Project Information

    Phoenix, Arizona

    December 2005

    Maricopa County

    Maricopa County

    Field Applicator
    ACB Construction, Phoenix, AZ

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    Durango Jail

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