Destin, Florida

From the beginning, the City of Destin knew that their water tank mural would need to be pretty spectacular to compete with the other nearby tanks in the area. And, after a lot of planning and a lot of Tnemec coatings, the end result is nothing short of a water tank masterpiece. Designed and painted by long-time water tank mural artist, Eric Henn, the one-of-a-kind seascape mural that now stands high above Destin is an ultra-realistic homage to all the wildlife that call the Gulf of Mexico their homes, most notably the local sea turtles and dolphins. This new water tank mural was completed using Tnemec’s high-performance fluoropolymer finish, HydroFlon, to help ensure that the breath-taking design retains its color and shine for as long as possible.

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    Project Information

    Destin, FL

    April 2020

    Destin Water Users, Inc.

    Poly Inc.

    Phoenix Fabricators & Erectors

    Field Applicator
    American Suncraft

    Eric Henn

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