Boone Center, Inc.

April showers were bringing no May flowers for the Boone Center in St. Peters, Missouri, back in 2003. The facility was leaking, and the owners had enough. The center, which provides employment opportunities for people with disabilities, did not specify Tnemec coatings for the original construction, but when Tnemec coating consultant Mike Cerutti was called in to evaluate the situation, he knew just what was needed to solve the problem.

The existing exterior colored block had extensive efflorescence. The areas were power washed and chemically cleaned to dissolve and remove the deposits. Series 660 PrimeA-Pell 200, a solvent-borne siloxane water repellent, was low pressure spray-applied, saturating the surfaces at 80 to 100-square-feet per gallon.

A RILEM test was then performed on the area by Cerutti to test the wind and rain resistance, and to demonstrate the excellent water repellency of Series 660. The RILEM Test Method includes adhering a pipe-like apparatus with a flat, circular brim to the masonry surface with a putty material. Water is then added through the upper, open end of the pipe. This creates pressure on the surface and begins the testing process. In this case, Series 660 passed, repelling rain and wind forces up to 55 mph. “I wanted the owner to have peace of mind, knowing that he had selected the right coating system to fix the problem,” Cerutti noted.

The coating system’s topcoat was Series 607 Conformal Stain, a penetrating, solvent-based masonry stain, which was spray-applied in two coats at 200-squarefeet per gallon, per coat. The interior design also included accent stripes on the surface, which were roller-applied with Series 607.

The exterior gutters and downspouts were replaced and coated with Series 30 SpraSaf EN, a direct-to-metal coating with long-term corrosion protection and weathering properties.

“We were brought in to help solve their problem, and that’s exactly what we did,” said Cerutti. “The Boone Center remains extremely pleased with the results.”

    Project Information

    St. Peters, Missouri

    July 2003

    Boone Center, Inc.

    P.M. Leach Painting, Fenton, Missouri

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