Bank of America Stadium

After weathering more than a decade of storms, humidity and National Football League competition, the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte was due for an exterior makeover that included a Tnemec/Chemprobe protective coating system worth cheering. “Over time the exterior precast concrete panels on the stadium had cracked and the overall appearance had faded,” recalled Tnemec/Chemprobe coating consultant Dan Anderson. “They were looking for a solution that would brighten up the stadium and provide improved water resistance to the precast concrete panels.”

The two-coat system was chosen over several competitive products that were considered by the project’s engineers. “We applied a mock-up of our coating system to the stadium, which was by far the best looking and best performing system they evaluated,” Anderson acknowledged. “Based on this evaluation, they selected Tnemec/Chemprobe for the entire stadium.”

The project was divided into stages to avoid interfering with the football season’s day-to-day operations. “Each stage is approximately 80,000 square feet and takes nearly 1,000 gallons of coating,” Anderson noted.

Prior to coating, the stadium surface was cleaned and dried so the substrate was free of dirt, oils and other contaminants. Next, Series 662 Prime-A-Pell Plus, a clear, penetrating water repellent, was spray-applied at a rate of 240-square-feet per gallon.

Next, Series 620 Phylon 1422, a methylmethacrylate acrylic coating that highlights the natural color of masonry by providing a semi-gloss sheen, was spray-applied at a rate of 180-square-feet per gallon. Phylon 1422 provides a durable, wet-look finish to vertical concrete and masonry surfaces.

Designed by HOK Sports Facilities Group of Kansas City, Missouri, Bank of America Stadium opened in the summer of 1996. The 73,504 seat open-air stadium - the year-round home of the Carolina Panthers - includes training facilities, practice fields and administrative offices.

    Project Information

    Charlotte, North Carolina

    June 2009

    Bank of America Stadium

    Waterproofing Consultants
    Williamson & Associates, Atlanta, GA

    Field Applicator
    Seager Waterproofing of Greensboro, North Carolina

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