Arvada, CO Water Tower

The first gold discovery in Colorado occurred at the confluence of Ralston and Clear Creeks in 1850, right on the land that would later become known as Arvada. Just 60 years later, in 1910, the new town of Arvada erected an elevated water tower to help fight local water shortages. Now, after more than 100 years, the water tank – although no longer holding water – still stands just outside of the “Olde Town” area of Arvada. In 2017, the tank was recoated using an overcoat system from Tnemec that included a waterborne, elastomeric acrylic tiecoat, Series 118 Uni-Bond Mastic, and a finish coat of Series 700 HydroFlon.

    Project Information

    Arvada, CO

    June 2017

    City of Arvada

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    Arvada, CO Water Tower

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