Pinnacle Bank Arena

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In designing the $179 million Pinnacle Bank Arena, home to The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s basketball teams, project architects blended aesthetics with performance by specifying a slam dunk selection of interior and exterior coating systems from Tnemec.

“For exposed interior steel, the architect wanted a one-coat application that had rust-inhibitive properties and a specific color,” explained Rory Sudbeck of SGA Coating Consultants. “The coating also needed to meet AISC requirements for Class B slip-critical coefficient.”Pinnacle Bank Arena Image 1Pinnacle Bank Arena Image 2

Interior structural steel was prepared in accordance with SSPC-SP6/NACE No. 3 Commercial Blast Cleaning and shop-primed with nearly 2,000 gallons of Tnemec’s MIO/zinc-filled moisture-cured urethane coating, which was spray-applied at 2.5 to 3.5 mils dry film thickness (DFT).

“The coating is single-component, so they could touch it up in the field,” Sudbeck noted. “All of the bolts and components were coated after the steel was erected, which they accomplished without having issues related to recoat windows.”

Exterior steel sections were primed with Series 90-97 Tneme-Zinc, an advanced technology zinc-rich urethane, and Series 1070 Fluoronar, a high-solids fluoropolymer coating that offers outstanding color and gloss retention, was field-applied.

Floors in kitchen and food storage areas were abrasive-shot-blasted in accordance with SSPC-SP13/NACE No. 6 Surface Preparation of Concrete, prior to receiving a base coat of Series 245 Ultra-Tread S, a low-odor, polyurethane modified concrete. The floor system also included two applications of Series 222 Deco-Tread, a colored quartz-filled modified polyamine epoxy, followed by a coat of Series 284 Deco-Clear. The topcoat was Series 248 EverThane, an extremely hard, chemical-resistant urethane floor coating that offers excellent resistance to abrasion, wet conditions, corrosive fumes and chemical contact.

In the Arena’s locker rooms, shower floors were coated with a decorative coating system of Series 222 and a topcoat of Series 248. Shower walls were treated with Series 215 Surfacing Epoxy, a 100 percent solids epoxy filler, followed by Series 273 Stranlok ML, a fiberglass mat reinforced polyamine epoxy coating system. The topcoat was Series 297 Enviro-Glaze, a low-odor, ceramic-modified waterborne polyurethane coating.

“The project was on a fast track, especially the completion of the floor and wall coatings,” Sudbeck added. “Decorative floor-topping systems were applied on 20,000-square-feet of floor space.” The 16,000-seat Pinnacle Bank Arena anchors the City of Lincoln’s $344 million West Haymarket district featuring retail, entertainment and residential developments.

project information

Project Location

Lincoln, Nebraska

Project Completion Date

August 2013


City of Lincoln, Nebraska


DLR Group, Omaha, Nebraska

Shop Applicator

Midwest Steel Works, Lincoln, Nebraska

Shop Applicator

LeJeune Steel Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Field Applicator

Color Inc., Omaha, Nebraska

Field Applicator

Surface Sealers, Inc., Lincoln, Nebraska