Customer Support for Southern California

When customers need an honest and straightforward answer, Betty Velasquez is always there. Consistent in her resourcefulness, she takes the time to go the extra mile and a half to make each and every customer feel comfortable – even if it means hand-delivering paint herself. Betty was previously with TPC from 1994-2001. In 2001, she left the company and spent some time away managing finances in the construction field for several general contractors. In 2011, she excitedly returned to TPC with an even greater knowledge in finance and customer service to help TPC grow.  She picked right up like she never left.

Betty was born and raised in Southern California where she enjoys bike riding, hiking, traveling attending concerts, and going to the movies with her family. In her spare time she moonlights as a Wedding Planner. She has also planned everything from baby showers, birthday parties to graduations. She also loves to cook for her family and they all know any recipe is fair game, especially if she finds it on Pinterest.

Betty Velasquez

Customer Service

+1 310-637-2363


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