Southeastern Resources, Inc.

Tnemec Representatives in Georgia

Visitors to the conference room of Southeastern Resources, Inc. are greeted by a banner proclaiming, “We must act with an outrageous sense of urgency for our customers.” It’s this philosophy that drives the Cumming-based agency to go the extra mile for the architects, engineers, plant managers and owners throughout the state of Georgia. With more than 60+ years of industry experience, the agency’s owners take pride in providing Tnemec protective coatings for diverse architectural and industrial projects, ranging from cultural centers to wastewater treatment facilities. Along with their hands-on involvement with each project from design/development stage to completion, agency team members regularly share their real world field experience and exceptional product knowledge with customers through educational seminars. Backed by a professional office staff that provides invaluable sales support, the agency has earned a reputation for reliability, performance and technical expertise that’s second to none.

Contact information

407 E. Maple St. Suite 306 Cumming, GA 30040

+1 770-242-9605

+1 678-771-8693


Southeastern Resources, Inc. serves customers throughout Georgia

Southeastern Resources Inc

407 E. Maple St. Suite 306 Cumming, GA 30040

tel: +1 770-242-9605 fax: +1 678-771-8693

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