Avid Protective Products LTD.

Tnemec Representatives in Ontario

Building a reputation of technical expertise combined with onsite assistance for Owners, Specification Writers and Contractors.

Avid Protective Products Ltd., based in Ontario, assists on projects in Tnemec's traditional markets of water tanks, water and wastewater, industrial flooring, architectural finishes and industrial corrosion protection.

Avid has raised awareness of the uses, strength and durability of Tnemec high-performance coatings through a number of high-profile projects in Canada and continues to expand its reach.
A primary reason for the agency’s success is Tnemec’s proven and variety of technology options that allow the selection of the right solution and technology for the situation at hand.

Changing technologies and regulations require the development of technologies such as 100 percent solids hybrid mortar coating systems for wastewater immersion environments and polyurethane-modified concrete floor coating systems designed to resist thermal shock and chemical exposure.

It also helps that Tnemec’s high-performance coatings for floors and walls can be applied in major food, beverage and pharmaceutical facilities because they have been certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

As for future opportunities for the Avid Protective Products, Tnemec architectural coatings for structural steel and low volatile organic compound (VOC) protective coatings offer exciting new business potential for the agency.

Contact information

Suite 1479, C3 1011 Upper Middle Road East Oakville, ON L6H 5Z9

+1 905-339-8386

+1 905-248-3402


Avid serves customers throughout Ontario

Avid Protective Products, LTD.

Suite 1479, C3 1011 Upper Middle Road East Oakville, ON L6H 5Z9

tel: +1 905-339-8386 fax: +1 905-248-3402


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