The Barry Group, LLC

Tnemec Representatives in Texas and New Mexico

Since 1977, contractors, engineers, architects and owners in Texas have relied on The Barry Group, LLC, for problem-solving advice and Tnemec coating systems capable of taming the toughest climate and corrosion conditions. Unlike some of its competitors that come and go, The Barry Group represents more than 75 years of experience in the coatings industry. The agency’s consultants have earned a solid reputation for their extensive technical knowledge, integrity and customer service from specification writing to project completion. Whether the exposure condition involves extreme ultraviolet light, biogenic sulfide corrosion, or calls for resinous flooring, The Barry Group and Tnemec are the team to count on for coating systems that will provide maximum longevity and value in Texas and New Mexico.

Contact information

8950 Gary Burns Dr. Suite 1 Frisco, TX 75034

+1 972-312-8448

+1 972-312-8408


The Barry Group, LLC serves customers throughout Texas and New Mexico

The Barry Group LLC

8950 Gary Burns Dr. Suite 1 Frisco, TX 75034

tel: +1 972-312-8448 fax: +1 972-312-8408

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