Steelcon Coating Systems, Inc.

Tnemec Representatives in Alabama and Western Florida

High humidity and salt air are just some of the varied environmental extremes that threaten the infrastructure of many coastal industries and facilities. The professionals at SteelCon Coating Systems bring more than a half century of combined experience in dealing with these conditions on behalf of their many clients in Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. Enduring team continuity, combined with early involvement in the design phase of every project, ensures minimal change orders while fostering a high comfort level among the agency’s clients. SteelCon’s specialties include water, wastewater, industrial and architectural applications. The challenges they’ve addressed during all those years in business give SteelCon’s clients an unbeatable edge when it comes to the agency’s technical know-how and experience.

Contact information

2100 3rd Avenue South Irondale, AL 35210

+1 205-951-2086

+1 205-951-2089


SteelCon Coating Systems, Inc. serves throughout Alabama and parts of Florida

Steelcon Coating Systems, Inc

2100 3rd Avenue South Irondale, AL 35210

tel: +1 205-951-2086 fax: +1 205-951-2089

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