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WEBINAR SERIES: The Specifier's Toolkit

Webinar 2 : Preparing Sustainable Specifications

Program Description:

Construction projects following environmental rating system guidelines are great for sustainability, but they can sometimes be tedious and confusing for specifiers. This webinar will provide attendees with valuable information on preparing sustainable specifications for LEED v4.1, Living Building Challenge and other environmental programs. This free webinar will be hosted by Tnemec Company, Inc., and presented by Mark Kalin, President, and Jay Ford, Associate, of Kalin Associates.


Wednesday, July 21, at Noon CST: REGISTER HERE


Title: Fluent Translation: Correlating Fluoroplymer Lab Data with Real World Exposure

Program Description: This webinar was developed to aid architects in understanding the importance of performance testing. Participants will learn about different topcoat options, relevant performance testing and how to interpret the test results. The main benefit of the webinar will be to aid architects in the coating selection process. Other valuable pieces include review of case studies and other coating attributes of FEVE Fluoropolymers. Presented by Mark Thomas, Remi Briand, and Jenna Bracken of Tnemec Company.

Available Dates/ Times:

Tuesday, July 13, at 11 am CST REGISTER HERE


Title: USDA and FDA Compliance for Coatings, Linings and Floors in Regulated Plants

Program Description:

Tnemec's resident food and beverage coating expert, Dan O'Toole, will discuss the influence of USDA/FDA regulations on selecting and specifying high-performance coatings for use in food, beverage and pharmaceutical plants. Participants will learn about different generic paint systems to be used for both compliance and site performance, giving specifiers and applicators the best choices available to them for various areas of plant service. 

Available Dates/Times:

August 3, 2021 @ 11:00 a.m. CST: REGISTER HERE

October 7, 2021 @ 1:00 p.m. CST: REGISTER HERE


WEBINAR SERIES: The Specifier's Toolkit

Webinar 1 : 5 Lessons Specifiers Need to Learn in their First 5 Years

Program Description:

As a specifier, it’s tough to know it all. But, in this webinar, we’ll highlight a few helpful tips to increase your knowledge and grow your reputation as a well-respected, trusted specification writer. Attendees will learn tricks from our panel of fellow specification enthusiasts as they cover topics that are important for anyone updating and writing specs, especially those still in the early years of their career. This free webinar will be hosted by Tnemec Company, Inc., with insights from Kent McLaughlin, Technical Director and Principal of Populous, and Susan Bliss, Specifier and Principal with Spec Services, LLC.

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