Mark Thomas

Part of the Tnemec family since 1996

Vice President - Marketing

When it comes to uniting the Tnemec brand with the customer, Mark Thomas is an integral part of the process. Mark is responsible for marketing the company’s many coating products, managing its brands and directing its sales initiatives. Since joining the company’s marketing department in 1996, he has worked extensively on product introductions and promotions, collaborating with various departments in the company, including research and development and technical service. In his day-to-day work, Mark supervises and coordinates Tnemec’s marketing department, inside sales team and segments of the sales department. In addition to his Tnemec experience, he is an AMPP Certified Coating Inspector. He holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in integrated marketing communications, both from The University of Kansas. When away from coatings, Mark spends time with his wife and their two children, balancing travel time with volunteering for his kids’ sporting and school activities.

From Mark

"There is a genuine, deep-rooted desire here to develop the best possible coatings and ensure our customers are pleased with our service and product performance. This approach goes back decades and is central to who we are."

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