Southern Louisiana Ground Storage Tank

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The team at this Gulf Coast refinery had been applying thermal insulating coatings for many years to help regulate the temperature of its ground storage tanks. When needed, several coats of a ceramic-filled insulating product were applied on tanks for a total of 60 mils dry film thickness (DFT). However, the local Tnemec representative was able to offer a faster, more efficient solution.

“We met with the maintenance and reliability teams at the facility to discuss our insulating coating, Aerolon,” recalled local Tnemec representative, Brandon Lomasney. “I was able to show them several benefits that would make this product a better option.” ground storage tank coated with Tnemecindustrial coatings from Tnemec

Lomasney explained to the owners that Aerolon showcased a thermal conductivity value of 35 mW/mK, while the other product’s value was nearly three times higher, charting over 95 mW/mK. Plus, Aerolon is formulated using aerogel instead of ceramic additives, making it more reliable and efficient.

“Aside from the thermal aspects, we also showed the applicators that Aerolon could be applied in one coat, instead of several,” stated Lomasney. “This would save them time and labor costs during the application process.”

The owners and applicators agreed that Aerolon would offer a significant advantage on their storage tanks. When application began, Tnemec technical representatives were on the job to ensure that everything went smoothly, helping the new applicator understand the nuances of the high-build insulating coating.

After priming the tank, one coat of Series 971 Aerolon Acrylic was applied to the roof and sidewalls at 30 mils DFT. Following recommended cure time, the tank was topcoated using Series 1028T Enduratone, a water-based acrylic polymer coating for color and gloss retention.

The coating project was completed in November 2017. The owners were impressed by the application process and the quality of service provided before and during the project. The applicators also added that they were pleased with the efficiency of the application and the overall finish provided by Aerolon.

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Project Location

Southern Louisiana

Project Completion Date

November 2017


Oil Refinery, Southern Louisiana

Field Applicator

Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services, Prairieville, Louisiana