Malibu Conservation Camp 13 Shower Rooms

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Malibu Conservation Camp #13 is one of 43 fire camps in the California prison system. These fire camps, located throughout the state and operated by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), provide an able-bodied work force for fire suppression, other emergencies and various land conservation projects. Conservation Camp #13 is one of three all-female camps, and it can house up to 100 inmates at one time.

“The facility’s shower rooms were in need of renovation,” noted Tony Hobbs, local Tnemec coating consultant. “They contacted us after being pleased with Tnemec systems on other facilities and I went to the camp to help CDCR choose the right coating systems for the walls and the floors.” Fire camp before Tnemec coatingsFire camp after Tnemec coatingsShower rooms coated with Tnemec

Over the years, the original tile and grout had become dirty and unsanitary and the owners were concerned that removing tile from the entire room would be expensive and time-consuming. However, Hobbs was able to recommend coating systems that could be applied over the existing surfaces. According to the project applicators, Concrete Protection Systems (CPS) West, Inc., the ability to overcoat the tile provided an enormous cost saving to the owner.

“Removing all the tile and replacing and patching walls and floors would have been costly,” explained Craig Hunt, President of CPS West, Inc. “We were able to save the owners a lot of time and money by applying these coating systems.”

Tile walls were mechanically abraded to achieve ICRI CSP 3-5 and all loose/damaged tiles were removed and patched. The walls then received a trowel-applied coat of Series 215 Surfacing Epoxy. This skim coat was followed by Series 273 Stranlok ML, a fiberglass mat reinforced epoxy coating system that provides a smooth, seamless surface with excellent impact and abrasion resistance. The surface then received a saturant coat of Series 280 Tneme-Glaze followed by another coat of the same product to seal the Stranlok system.

The applicators primed the tile floors using Series 201 Epoxoprime before receiving an intermediate coat of Series 237 Power-Tread, a multi-purpose epoxy coating designed to protect concrete from impact, abrasion and chemical exposure. The flooring system was finished using Series 280 Tneme-Glaze, a stain-resistant topcoat for heavy-duty exposure.

Ceilings in the shower room were pealing and covered in mildew, so they were also prepared and recoated. The ceilings received two coats of Series 287 Enviro-Pox and a finish coat of Series 297 Enviro-Glaze.

“The end result is a beautiful transformation that provides the owners with a durable and reliable floor and wall system,” stated Hunt. “The owner is impressed with the system, too, and they are interested in using our services and Tnemec coatings again on another fire camp in 2018.”

project information

Project Location

Malibu, California

Project Completion Date

August 2017


California Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Sacramento, California


Concrete Protection Systems West, Inc., Ontario, California