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According to the Houston County Board of Commissioners Chairman, Tommy Stalnaker, the coating work on the Houston County elevated water tank was, “done to show the patriotism in this community.” The tank’s wrap-around flag design – complete with stars, stripes and the acronym EDIMGIAFAD, which stands for Every Day in Middle Georgia is Armed Forces Appreciation Day – shines high in the Georgia sun after being created using a protective coatings system from Tnemec.

In 2015, the 500,00-gallon-tank was considered for maintenance, as its exterior coatings system was in need of updating. Rather than blasting and containing the entire water tank, the project team decided to utilize an overcoat system. Water tank coatings from TnemecWater storage tank finishes from Tnemec

“We first verified that this tank qualified for an ovecoat system,” recalled Chad Sipe with Carter & Sloope. “Then we went to work specifying a high-performance Tnemec coating system appropriate for the highly visible location of the tank.”

Sipe and his team discussed their desires for performance and aesthetic reliability with Dean Drehoff, Tnemec coatings consultant with Southeastern Resources, Inc.

“Full containment and abrasive blasting can drive up costs pretty quickly,” stated Drehoff. “However, Tnemec offers several overcoating options that can be applied if the structure meets the qualifications.”

The water tank was prepared by high-pressure washing and spot-primed using Tnemec’s reliable tie-coat, Series 135 Chembuild. Following preparation and spot-priming, applicators applied an abrasion- and corrosion-resistant acrylic polyurethane coating, Series 73 Endura-Shield.

“The project team chose Series 700 HydroFlon as the tank’s finish coat,” commented Drehoff. “The fluoropolymer finish has protected countless tanks – in our area and elsewhere – from the effects of UV light degradation.”

Series 700 was brush- and roller-applied to the tank in Old Glory Blue, Old Glory Red and Tnemec White. The fluoropolymer coating will help the end design retain its color and gloss for a long time, allowing for minimum maintenance over the next few decades.

“The town, the utility department and the SUEZ team are very happy with the patriotic overcoat,” said Drehoff.

After being completed, the Houston County tank garnered attention from all over the community, especially during Tnemec’s annual Tank of the Year contest. Submitted as a nomination among more than 250 tanks, the Houston County tank received the most online votes and was chosen as the 2016 People’s Choice Tank of the Year.

project information

Project Location

Houston County, Georgia

Project Completion Date

May 2016


Houston County Water Authority, Perry, Georgia


Carter & Sloope, Canton, Georgia


SUEZ Water | Advanced Solutions, Perry, Georgia