BaoSteel Waste Acid Tank

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China’s largest steel manufacturer, Shanghai Baosteel Group, is a leader in new technologies and innovative steel solutions. One of their main concerns is the safe handling of any potentially dangerous chemicals used in the making of specialty steels. A waste acid and emissions collection process was developed by Baosteel with the intent of handling a myriad of waste products.

After extensive testing with the China Sea Coatings Research Institute and the Shanghai Institute of Coatings, Tnemec's distributor recommended Series 365 Tank Armor as the best lining solution for the waste collection process. In addition to containment pools, several other areas in the facility were scheduled to receive Series 365 to protect the concrete and steel.Features 365 Tank  Armor Coating BaoSteel

Tank Armor is a 100 percent solids novolac epoxy lining formulated for use in aggressive chemical immersion service and cures in 24 to 48 hours. The lining protects steel storage tanks and other containment areas against corrosion from acid solutions, alkalis, sour crude and fuels.

Prior to coating with Series 365, the concrete was prepared in accordance with SSPS-SP13/NACE No. 6 Surface Preparation of Concrete by abrasive blasting. After surface preparation was complete, Series 218 MortarClad, an epoxy modified cementitious resurfacer, was applied. Next, the applicator applied Series 61 Tneme-Liner, a cycloaliphatic amine epoxy at 100 to 150 microns DFT. Series 365 was then applied at 750 to 1000 microns DFT as the finish coat.

project information

Project Name

BaoSteel Waste Acid Tank

Project Location

Shanghai, China

Project Completion Date

July 2011


Shanghai BaoSteel Stainless Steel Division, Shanghai, China


Shanghai BaoSteel Stainless Steel Division, Shanghai, China

Field Applicator

Henan Puyang Anti-Corrosion Company