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Siloam Family Health Center is a faith-based, non-profit medical facility located in Nashville, Tennessee. The volunteer-driven health center serves more than 9,000 patients annually and primarily provides care for the uninsured and those who have few options when it comes to receiving quality medical services.

In support of their continued growth, the Siloam Family Health Center welcomed a new 12,000-square-foot facility in 2005. Tnemec became involved in the project during the planning stages when Tnemec coating consultant Tiffany Goulet happened to peak the interest of an architect who was in attendance at her coatings presentation to the local Construction Specifications Institute chapter. Siloam Family Healthcare Exterior Siloam Family Healthcare Exterior Close Up

“I was informing the audience about Tnemec’s Series 626 Dur A Pell GS anti-graffiti coating system and how it worked on tagged walls,” said Goulet. “An architect in attendance took note and passed along the information to his client at Siloam.”

Goulet demonstrated the product capabilities of Series 626 to the owners at Siloam, and the experience remains a vivid memory to this day: her pressure washer broke during the graffiti removal demonstration and she was forced to use a regular garden hose.

“We proved the worth of Series 626 for sure,” said Goulet. “Removal was still a breeze.”

Tnemec was specified for all poured-in-place concrete areas of the health center. After the surface was cleaned and allowed to throughly dry, two coats of Series 626 was low pressure spray-applied to the concrete areas.

A non-sacrificial coating, Series 626 Dur A Pell GS is a RTV silicone rubber that penetrates the surface, creating a barrier from which graffiti can easily be removed with the use of Series 680 Mark A Way, a citrus-based cleaner. Series 626 also acts as a water repellent, protecting exterior masonry substrates from moisture and contaminants.

“This product makes a bold claim,” added Goulet. “And the great thing is that it really performs superbly. The owners remain very happy with this product.”

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Project Name

Siloam Family Healthcare

Project Name

Nashville, TN

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September 2005


Siloam Family Healthcare


Gresham Smith & Partners, Nashville, TN


Drywall Systems, Nashville, TN