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Located in the heart of downtown Denver, the second stage of the Colorado Convention Center opened in 1990 with a “mile high” selection of Tnemec protective coatings applied to everything from structural steel to handrails. “That was a huge project,” recalled Tnemec coating consultant Tom Quammen. “All of the interior overhead steel was coated with Series 10 Tnemec Primers, followed by a finish coat of Series 15 Uni-Bond.”

Surface preparation of the metal was in accordance with SSPC-SP3 Power Tool Cleaning to remove all loose mill scale and other detrimental foreign matter. Among the coatings used on the structure were:Colorado Convention Center Exterior Front View

• Series 10 Tnemec Primers, a chemically active rust-inhibitive modified alkyd, applied to overhead structural steel.

• Series 15 Uni-Bond, an alkyd coating, applied as a finish coat on exposed steel in the ceiling.

• Series 530 Omnithane, a moisture-cured, aromatic polyurethane primer/finish, spray-applied on miscellaneous metal such as stairs and handrails.

• Series 52 Tneme-Crete, an epoxy ester coating, was used on concrete masonry unit (CMU) surfaces. Tneme-Crete is used to resist deterioration caused by mildew.

• Series 54-660 Masonry Filler and Series 66 Hi-Build Epoxoline were used in kitchen areas. These polyamide epoxy coatings, which were roller- and brush-applied, are used where wet conditions, corrosive fumes and chemical contact exist.

• Series 73 Endura-Shield, a two-component aliphatic acrylic polyurethane, was roller- and brush-applied to CMU walls in concession areas.

A $310 million expansion completed in 2004 doubled the size of the Colorado Convention Center to 2.2 million square feet, including an exhibit floor the size of 12 football fields, a 5,000-fixed-seat theatre, a 1,000-car garage, a new 50,000-square-foot carpeted ballroom, and 63 meeting rooms offering 100,000 square feet of space all on one level.

project information

Project Name

Colorado Convention Center

Project Location

Denver, CO

Project Completion Date

January 1991


City & Country of Denver


CW Fentress and J.H. Bradburn & Associates, Denver, CO

Field Applicator

Cains Painting, Denver, CO