Cedar Creek Water Treatment Plant

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The concrete troughs at the Cedar Creek Water Treatment Plant had started to deteriorate over time and the owner wanted them resurfaced, so Llamas Coatings, Smyrna, GA, was asked to repair the concrete and apply a new coating system to protect the concrete for potable water immersion service. Llamas applicators had concerns regarding the type of resurfacing material to use, so they turned to Tnemec coating consultant Dean Drehoff for assistance. Drehoff recommended a coat of Series 215 Surfacing Epoxy, which could be applied as a full skim coat to smooth out the entire wall and fill surface imperfections in the existing troughs. An excellent material for surfacing, patching and filling, Series 215 is non-sagging, provides a smooth surface and is typically topcoated with high performance epoxies and urethanes.

“The contractor chose to use Series 215 because of how easy it is to work with. In comparison to other materials, Series 215 is easy to mix, has a reasonable working time and can be spray transferred or trowel applied,” stated Drehoff.Cedar Creek WTP coatings applicationCedar Creek WTP

The concrete was abrasive brush blasted, then Series 215 was transferred to the wall at 1/32 – 1/8”. Drehoff reports, “The contractor loved the way it applied and filled all the bugholes and voids in the concrete.”

To complete the coating system, Series 215 was then topcoated with two coats of Series N140 Pota-Pox Plus, a polyamidoamine epoxy that offers protection for the interior and exterior of concrete tanks, reservoirs, pipes, valves pumps and equipment in potable water service.

The jobsite superintendent for Llamas commented, “Series 215 is the most user-friendly filler I have ever used. It’s a lot like Series 63-1500, but mixes easier and spreads like peanut butter. When you have numerous kits to mix, it makes the application process go much quicker.”

project information

Project Name

Cedar Creek WTP

Project Location

Winder, GA

Project Completion Date

December 2007


City of Winder


HSF Engineering, Snellville, GA

Field Applicator

Llamas Coatings, Smyrna, GA