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When the Arkansas Farm Bureau needed a weather-resistant coating system for the exterior of its headquarters building in Little Rock, the choices came down to a two-coat epoxy/polyurethane system from Tnemec or an acrylic paint. Confident of the performance advantages his coating system offered, Tnemec coating consultant Arthur Valentine arranged for a comparative test of both products in a carefully controlled laboratory environment that simulated freeze/thaw conditions. “The findings from this test definitely helped project officials to choose Tnemec’s quality coating system,” Valentine reported.

The test involved removing part of a steel panel from the building’s roof, which was sent to Tnemec’s technical service department where it was power-washed and coated with both the Tnemec system and the acrylic paint. “The coated sample was then put through freeze/thaw cycles in a special chamber that simulated accelerated weathering and winter conditions,” Valentine recalled. “The acrylic coating was fine when it was first applied, but after going through the accelerated weathering, the coating was easy to peel off. Our technical service department testing showed that it wouldn’t hold up. The value of the better performing coating system from Tnemec was obvious.”Arkansas Farm Bureau

Back in the field the 18-year-old factory-coated steel panels on the building’s exterior were pressurewashed prior to receiving a field-applied tie-coat of Series 27 F.C. Typoxy, a polyamide epoxy. “That epoxy is more compatible with existing coatings, plus it provides fast curing and rapid handling capabilities,” Valentine noted. A topcoat of Series 73 Endura-Shield, an acrylic polyurethane, was then brush- and roller-applied, completing the two-coat system. Endura-Shield is highly resistant to abrasion, wet conditions and extreme weathering. Series 76 Endura-Clear, an acrylic polyurethane clear coat, was applied over existing maroon-colored accent areas to enhance the finish and extend the long-term weathering qualities of Endura-Shield.

After more than 10 years, Valentine reported that the coating system is holding up to actual weather conditions the same as it did in the laboratory’s accelerated freeze/thaw testing. “It still looks good, although we’ve actually applied a test patch of our Series 1070 Fluoronar fluorourethane exterior finish in case they decide to freshen up the paint job down the road,” Valentine added.

The Arkansas Farm Bureau is an independent, voluntary organization serving farm and ranch families. It strives to be the voice of agricultural producers at all levels.

project information

Project Name

Arkansas Farm Bureau

Project Completion Date

February 1996


Roark Perkins Perry Yelvington, Little Rock, AR

Project Location

Little Rock, AR


Arkansas Farm Bureau

Field Applicator

Roberts-McNutt, North Little Rock, AR