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Brazosport College was founded first as Brazosport Junior College in 1968 as a part of the Brazosport Junior College District. It opened that fall with 879 students and in 1970 graduated its first class of 25. The college offers a wide range of courses and classes; students can begin work on a bachelor’s degree by taking introductory classes and courses in sixteen majors that can transfer to four-year schools. The college also offers community education programs.

Today, the college serves more than 29,000 students annually either in person or online and occupies 156 acres of beautiful, naturally landscaped grounds enclosed on two sides by the winding Oyster Creek in Lake Jackson, Texas. Brazosport College exterior 1Brazosport College exterior 2Brazosport College exterior 3

Around 2002 the college began renovating its buildings, which included repainting many of them. Because Lake Jackson is near the Gulf of Mexico, it was important that the coating system chosen to protect the exterior of the buildings was able to withstand the saltwater environment in addition to natural elements such as UV exposure, wind and rain.

The concrete buildings were pressure washed, after which two coats of Series 156 Enviro-Crete were roller-applied. Series 156 is a flexible, breathable coating primarily for concrete and masonry that can fill and bridge minor hairline cracks. With its excellent protection against driving rain, freeze/thaw and UV light, it can withstand exterior elements and protect the underlying substrate.

The long-term project took several years to complete. According to Tnemec coating consultant Pat Barry, Series 156 proved to be the ideal choice. "It was difficult to notice a difference between the buildings painted in the early stages of the project and those completed toward the end," said Barry.

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Brazosport College

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Lake Jackson, TX

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June 2005