The Districts at Zanjero Monument Signage

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For fans visiting the University of Phoenix Stadium or the Glendale Arena in Arizona, football and hockey won’t be the only attractions. Projected to open in early 2008, The Districts at Zanjero - a 51-acre mixed-use lifestyle development located four miles north of Interstate 10 - will feature 500,000 sq.ft. of retail space; 200,000 sq.ft. of office space; 140,000 sq.ft. of lofts above retail; a 20-story boutique hotel; and three mid-rise residential towers. Following the concept of “new urbanism,” the complex will combine residences and mixed-use commercial buildings to foster a community feel.

Located at the development’s main entrance is monument signage that was constructed in January 2007. Consisting of split face block and stone substrates, the signage features a water fall on both sides. Due to the harsh Arizona heat and UV exposure, as well as pollution, hard mineral deposits from the water fall mist and potential graffiti damage, a Tnemec/Chemprobe coating system was specified to protect the signage.The Districts at Zanjero Monument Signage Exterior

Two coats of Series V626 Dur A Pell GS, a low-VOC, single component, RTV silicone rubber water repellent and graffiti protectant, were applied to the stone and split face block using a low pressure sprayer, then brushed and backrolled when needed. A clear, non-sacrificial coating, Series V626 penetrates untreated surfaces creating a barrier from which graffiti can easily be removed with the use of Series 680 Mark A Way, a citrus based cleaner. Dur A Pell GS also acts as a water repellent, protecting exterior masonry substrates from moisture and contaminants such as the water fall’s hard mineral deposits.

Dur A Pell GS was chosen to provide long-term protection and performance against premature degradation due to the desert elements and potential graffiti damage.

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Project Name

Districts at Zanjero Monument Signage

Project Location

Glendale, AZ

Project Completion Date

January 2007


Zanjero, Glendale, AZ


e group, Phoenix, AZ


Lacina Contracting & Painting, Phoenix, AZ