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The American Dream is alive and well thanks to a Russian immigrant named Rose Blumkin. In 1937, Blumkin – or Mrs. B as she was known – opened The Nebraska Furniture Mart in the basement of a small store in downtown Omaha, NE. Her low pricing strategy and honest business dealings led to steady growth for decades, eventually becoming a phenomenon that attracted customers from all over the Midwest. In 1980, a new larger store was opened in the western part of the city that has become an anchor for the business.

A renovation project for this 450,000 sq.ft. building, as well as the Mrs. B’s Clearance & Factory Outlet Store, was begun in 1998 and included Tnemec coatings throughout.Nebraska Furniture Mart Exterior Front SideNebraska Furniture Mart Interior FloorNebraska Furniture Mart Interior

The interior overhead deck of the Mega-Mart Electronics building was coated with approximately 900 gallons of a one-coat alkyd finish in deep purple called Series 15 Uni-Bond. The exterior precast and construction masonry unit (CMU) walls received Series 180 Tneme-Crete, a tough acrylic emulsion that can withstand alternating freeze/thaw cycles and protects the substrate from driving rain.

The exterior steel received a high-performance system with excellent corrosion protection and outstanding color and gloss retention. Primed first with Series 90-97 Tneme-Zinc, a zinc-rich polyurethane, an intermediate coat of Series 161 Tneme-Fascure polyamide epoxy was then applied. Because the exterior color scheme incorporated very bright colors, an aliphatic polyurethane called Series 73 Endura-Shield was selected as the topcoat followed by a final coat of Series 76 Endura-Clear. This clear coat is infused with special additives that absorb and dissipate ultra-violet light, helping to negate its damaging effects and greatly prolonging the color and gloss of the underlying pigmented Endura-Shield.

The Mrs. B’s building received similar treatment with over 1,500 gallons of Series 15 applied to the interior ceiling deck and Series 180 for the exterior masonry. The one-million sq. ft. warehouse also recieved Series 10 Green on the interior and over 900 gallons of Series 662 Prime-A-Pell Plus on the exterior masonry.

With the renovations to the buildings completed in 2000, Tnemec coatings will do their part to uphold the company’s well-regarded image.

project information

Project Name

Nebraska Furniture Mart

Project Location

Omaha, NE

Project Completion Date



Berkshire Hathaway

A/E Firm

Ken Hahn Architects, Omaha, NE

Steel Fabricator

Egger Steel, Sioux Falls, SD


Frank McGill, Inc., Omaha, NE


Color Inc., Omaha, NE


Darden-Gloeb-Reeder, Inc., Omaha, NE


Shaver Decorating, Elkhorn, NE