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Corporate hangars do more than just house multi-million dollar aircraft, they also represent the company’s image. That’s why the owners of the Nerd Gas Company extensively searched for a floor coating that could resist staining and abrasion while maintaining its aesthetics. “Since this was a new facility being built at great expense, the owner did his research on the best coatings for the hangar,” said Mike Cox, Tnemec coating consultant. Their conclusion: use Tnemec’s StrataShield floor coatings.

Aircraft hangars represent a special challenge for coatings. Grease, oils, and especially aviation fuel that often contains a dye, can stain most coatings leaving unattractive blemishes easily visible on such a wide open surface. Tools, tires and equipment leave their own marks by damaging the coating film with scrapes and scratches.Nerd Gas Company Hangar Interior Nerd Gas Company Hangar Interior Floor

StrataShield, Tnemec’s floor coating line, created an extremely tough aliphatic polyester polyurethane called Series 291 CRU that was tested and specially formulated for excellent stain resistance. It has become a popular product for use in garages, repair bays and aircraft hangars, making it an obvious choice for the McMurry Hangar.

A three-coat system was utilized beginning with a prime coat of Series 201 Epoxoprime, a clear, high-solids polyamine epoxy. Series 281 Tneme-Glaze, a pigmented polyamine epoxy, was then applied to give the system additional film thickness. Finally, the system received the topcoat of Series 291. Because the hangar had such a large surface area, the flooring contractor spread each coat out evenly across the floor and then backrolled to achieve a consistent film thickness.

“We use the hangar for social functions and everybody comments on the floor,” Mickey ‘Mick’ McMurry, president of NERD Gas Company, LLC, said. “It still looks glossy and spotless.”

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Nerd Gas Company Hangar Floor

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