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300,000 Gallon Single Pedestal Water Tank

Series 700 HydroFlon, a fluoropolymer polyurethane finish, protects the exterior of the single pedestal water tank in Waterville, MN.

500,000 Gallon Waterspheroid

Tnemec’s HydroFlon was chosen to protect the exterior of the Warrenville, IL waterspheroid because it offers superior long-term color and gloss retention.

860-880 Lake Shore Drive Curtain Walls

Series 6 Tneme-Cryl, a water-based acrylic emulsion in a charcoal black color, protects the entire exterior steel curtain wall of the towers at 860-880 Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, IL.

91st Ave. Wastewater Treatment Plant

For decades a multitude of Tnemec high performance coatings have been used to protect the 91st Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant in Tolleson, AZ from corrosion.

A.M. William Station Coal-Fired Power Plant

Top two photos: The conveyors and stacker/recycler at William Station were painted in 1987 by Hames Contracting of Columbia, SC. The Tnemec MCU primer and Endura-Shield coating are still performing as verified by a 2007 site visit. (Coating system: 5

ADM Ethanol Plant Auxiliary Infrastructure

An expansion of ADM’s ethanol manufacturing facility in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, included new storage tank additions to the plant’s fire protection systems that were protected by corrosion-resistant coatings from Tnemec.

ADM Processing Plant

A dry-fall coating system from Tnemec, featuring Series 35 HydroPlate, protects the grain leg and conveyor steel at the ADM facility in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Air Crew Survival Training Center

The level of moisture in the air at the air crew survival training center at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station in Washington is significant enough to make the colors on the synthetic flags bleed into each other. The galvanized decking in the facility

Ala Moana Boulevard Lampposts

Tnemec Series 1070 Fluoronar protects the antique-style lampposts in Waikiki, Hawaii, from UV light, as well as damaging coastal conditions.

Alabama Avenue Ground Storage Tank

A fast-curing product was needed for the Alabama Avenue ground storage tank, which is why Series 740 UVX was chosen as the exterior topcoat.

Albert Ellis Airport Fuel Storage Tanks

Series 740 UVX was chosen to protect the exterior of the Albert Ellis Airport Fuel Storage Tanks in Fountain, NC because of its abrasion resistance and exterior weathering properties.

American Cement Excavator

Series 27WB Typoxy was chosen as the intermediate coat to the disassembled American Cement Excavator in Sumterville, FL because of its high-build capabilities and hardness.

Anclote High School

The Anclote High School in Holiday, FL received a finish coat of Series 740 UVX because of the product’s abrasion resistance.

Anderson, SC Water Storage Tanks

The AnMed Health (top) and YMCA (bottom) water storage tanks in Anderson, SC feature a variety of Tnemec high performance coatings and were chosen 2007 Tnemec Tanks of the Year.

Aquarium of the Americas

The Tnemec coatings installed in 1990 at the Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans continue to provide long-term protection.

Aramco Hangar

Series 30 Spra-Saf EN, a hydrophobic acrylic polymer coating that does not overly stress the existing coating underneath it, was applied to the ceiling and walls inside the Aramco Hangar in Houston, TX.

Arkansas Farm Bureau

An epoxy/polyurethane coating system from Tnemec was chosen in lieu of an acrylic paint to protect the exterior of the Arkansas Farm Bureau building in Little Rock, AR.

Arkansas Queen

The steel deck of the Arkansas Queen dinner boat, located on the site of the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum in downtown North Little Rock, features a floor topping system from Tnemec's StrataShield flooring line.

Arrowhead Pump Station

A variety of high-performance Tnemec coatings were used to protect the Arrowhead Tank & Pump Station in Kansas City, MO.

Assembly Hall

Series 157 Enviro-Crete provides protection for the exterior of Assembly Hall in Bloomington, IN.

Avon Elevated Water Tank

Series 700 HydroFlon was chosen to protect the exterior of the City of Avon, OH water tank because of its long term color and gloss retention, as well as resistance to abrasion and chalking.

Baker Ferguson Fitness Center

Every piece of steel in the Baker Ferguson Fitness Center was coated with Tnemec’s Series 394 PerimePrime, a moisture-cured, micaceous iron oxide zinc-filled polyurethane primer that offers superior bonding to marginally prepared steel.

Bank of America Stadium

Series 620 Phylon 1422 was spray-applied to the Bank of America Stadium providing a barrier against ultraviolet light and weather deterioration.

Bankers Life Fieldhouse

Tnemec coatings protect the structural steel at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in downtown Indianapolis, home to the Indiana Pacers.

BaoSteel Underground Secondary Containment Trenches

The underground trenches at the Baosteel manufacturing facilty received a finish coat of Series 282 Tneme-Glaze to protect the concrete from leaks and overflows of harsh chemicals.

BaoSteel Waste Acid Tank

A waste acid and emissions collection process was developed by Baosteel with the intent of handling a myriad of waste products. Series 365 Tank Armor was used to protect the concrete in containment pools.

Battery Chamberlin Sea Coast Disappearing Gun

A finish coat of Series 740 UVX was applied to the Battery Chamberlin Sea Coast Disappearing Gun in San Francisco, CA to protect it from the salt-laden air.

Baxter Dodge

Tnemec coatings protect the service area floor, service area drop-off, interior overhead & walls, and exterior metal at the Daimler Chrysler Five Star Dealership in Omaha, NE.

Bay Bridge East Span Lighting

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge provides an example of high-tech lighting technology featuring 273 custom-designed lighting fixtures, standards and a hybrid polyurethane coating system from Tnemec for long-term protection.

Baylor School Natatorium

Tnemec high performance coatings protect the steel, walls, ceilings and decking at the Baylor School Natatorium in Chattanooga, TN.

Beaver Stadium - Penn State University

A zinc/urethane coating system provides excellent abrasion, moisture, chemical and corrosion resistance for the seating expansion at Penn State University’s Beaver Stadium.

Bellagio Resort Parking Garage

The Employee Parking Garage at the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas is protected with nearly 34,000 gallons of Series 180 W.B. Tneme-Crete.

Bellevue Water Tank

Series 700 HydroFlon provides excellent color and gloss retention for the exterior steel of the 1 million gallon water tank in Bellevue, WI, while Series 626 Dur A Pell GS protects the tank's concrete pedestal base from graffiti.

Billings Water Treatment Plant

Birmingham International Airport

Series 90-97 Tnemec-Zinc and Series 73 Endura-Shield provide protection for the steel canopies covering the passenger drop-off areas outside the terminals at the Birmingham International Airport.

Bixby North Lagoon Headworks Expansion

Tnemec's Perma-Shield system protects the headworks expansion in Bixby, OK from hydrogen sulfide gas and biogenic sulfide corrosion.

Bloomberg School of Public Health

A Tnemec hydrophobic acrylic polymer coating system protects the atrium at the Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, MD from the damaging effects of ultraviolet light.

Boilermaker Aquatic Center

High performance coatings from Tnemec protect the structural steel and interior concrete of the Boilermaker Aquatic Center on the campus of Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. (Photos by Jon Denker, CAPS)

Boise Airport Concourse B

Before and after photos of Concourse B at the Boise Airport. Series 115 Uni-Bond DF, a dry-fall acrylic finish, was applied in white over the original “Bronco Blue” and protects the concourse’s interior overhead steel (bottom photo).

Boone Center, Inc.

Top two photos show Boone Center before Chemprobe was applied. Products from Tnemec’s Chemprobe line of water repellents and stains were used to protect the exterior of the Boone Center in St. Peters, MO.

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

The 12,000 tons of structural steel that support Boston's new one million square foot, $800 million convention center was primed with Tnemec Coating Systems.

Boston University Hancock Student Village

Tnemec's Series 394 PerimePrime provided triple corrosion protection for the 6,200 tons of structural steel required for the fitness & recreation center and sports & entertainment arena at Boston University's Hancock Student Village.

Botanical Gardens

The stucco at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens is protected with Tnemec's Series 156 Enviro-Crete, which was chosen for its ability to protect the facade from water infiltration.

Boynton Inlet Bridge

A high-performance coating system from Tnemec was applied to the fixed span bridge across Boynton Inlet in Florida to restore the bridge after years of corrosion had built up on the structural steel.

Brazosport College

A flexible, breathable coating with excellent elastomeric properties, Series 156 Enviro-Crete protects the exterior concrete of the buildings at Brazosport College in Lake Jackson, TX.

Brighton Wastewater Treatment Plant

Tnemec’s Perma-Shield System featuring Series 435 Perma-Glaze protects the clarifiers at the Brighton WWTP from biogenic sulfide corrosion.

Brine Transport Lining System

Brine haulers used to transport salt water away from drilling sites in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma are lined with Tnemec’s Series 141 Epoxoline to protect them from internal corrosion. More than 100 haulers may be required to service one drilling

Bronco Drilling Company Rigs

Bronco Drilling Company has made Tnemec the standard coatings for all of its oil rigs. Tnemec coatings provide excellent coverage and durability, as well as color and gloss retention for the rigs.

Bronx County Courthouse

A metallic fluoropolymer from Tnemec was used during restoration of the bronze window casings on the Bronx County Courthouse in New York City. The product has been used on numerous other restoration projects throughout the city.

Brooklyn Art Museum

Tnemec’s high-performance coatings played a significant role in the creation of the Brooklyn Art Museum’s $63 million glass entry pavilion.

Bryant-Denny Stadium

Top: Series 1070 Fluoronar was chosen to provide exceptional color and gloss retention for the seats at the University of Alabama's Bryant- Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa. Bottom: StrataShield flooring system applied to 70,000 sq. ft. of the concourses.

Bunge Grain Dust Collectors

A zinc/epoxy/urethane coating system has been protecting the dust collectors at the Bunge Grain facility in Destrehan, LA since 1984 with no signs of rust.

Butler County Jail

Tnemec’s StrataShield flooring products were used to protect the floors at the Butler County Jail in Hamilton, OH.

Cabela's Elevated Water Tank

Series 700 HydroFlon, a fluoropolymer polyurethane finish coat, protects the exterior of the Cabela's water tank in Buda, TX, while Series 141 Pota-Pox 80, a high-solids polyamine epoxy, protects the interior.

Cabela's Water Tank

To protect the exterior of the Cabela’s water storage tank in Tridelphia, WV, Series 700 HydroFlon was chosen for its excellent color and gloss retention.

Caldwell YMCA Aquatic Center

A variety of high performance coatings from Tnemec protect the interior of the Caldwell YMCA Aquatic Center from daily exposure to moisture and chemicals that can cause corrosion.

California Processing Tank and Piping

To control heat loss and temperature stability, this plant in California specified an innovative fluid-applied insulating coatings system from Tnemec. The system included Series 971 Aerolon Acrylic which uses aerogel particles for low thermal conduct

Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament

Before, during and after photos of the latest renovation of the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Sacramento, CA, which features Series 156 Enviro-Crete, a modified waterborne acrylate.

Cedar Creek Water Treatment Plant

Series 215 Surfacing Epoxy was applied as a full skim coat to smooth out the entire wall and fill surface imperfections in the existing concrete troughs at the Cedar Creek Water Treatment Plant in Winder, GA.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Cedars-Sinai, in Los Angeles, Calif., used a waterborne coatings system from Tnemec as part of its major beautification project.

Centennial Bridge Gateway

Series 626 Dur A Pell GS, a non-sacrificial silicone treatment, protects the Centennial Bridge Gateway in Davenport, IA from the damaging effects of graffiti.

Central Odor Control Structure

In the first photo, Tnemec’s Series 434 Perma-Shield H2S is spray- transferred (foreground) and back-troweled (background) to the 1/8” minimum thickness at the Central Odor Control Structure in Nashville, TN.

Central Regional Wastewater Pump Station

Mid America Pipe of Scammon, KS applied Series 431 Perma-Shield PL to 1,300 linear feet of steel pipe for an influent pump station in Dallas, TX.

Central Water Reclamation Facility

Various concrete structures at the Central Water Reclamation Facility in Pensacola, FL were topcoated with Series 436 Perma-Shield FR to provide protection against abrasion and chemical contact.

Chalfont North Wales Water Storage Tank

At 4.1 million gallons, the Hydropillar in Chalfont, PA is the world’s largest elevated tank for potable water.

Chambers Creek Digester

A coatings system including Series 218 MortarClad and Series 435 Perma-Glaze was used to replace the polyurea linings that were failing on the digester lids at the Chambers Creek WWTP.

Chamois Power Plant

Series 1 Omnithane, a single component, moisture-cured urethane primer containing micaceous iron oxide and zinc, was chosen as the primer for the structural steel at the Chamois Power Plant because it can be recoated within four hours after being app

Chappellet Winery

The Chappellet Winery floors received a topcoat of Series 247 EverThane, which was chosen for its color and gloss retention as well as its resistance to wet conditions and staining.

Chatham-Kent Water Tank

The interior and exterior coating systems applied to the Chatham-Kent water tank helped earn it a top twelve spot in Tnemec’s 2014 Tank of the Year competition.

Chinatown Gateway Renovation

Series 1070V Fluoronar in Chilean Red provides unsurpassed color and gloss retention properties for the Chinatown Gateway in Los Angeles, CA.

City Creek Center Retractable Roof

According to the project’s developers, the City Creek Center features the nation’s first retractable roof in a shopping center development. Photos courtesy of Michael Dickter/MKA.

City of Hobbs Effluent Booster Station

The City of Hobbs Effluent Booster Station used approx. 560 gallons of Series 431 Perma-Shield PL to protect wastewater pipes and fittings.

City of Lavergne Library

Series 156 Enviro-Crete, a durable coating for exterior masonry substrates, protects the City of Lavergne, TN Library.

Clarkson WWTP Digester

Tnemec coating systems were specified to protect both the interior and exterior of the digester lid at the Clarkson Wastewater Treatment Plant Digester Expansion project in Mississauga, Ontario.

Clos du Bois Winery

Series 158 Bio-Lastic, a waterborne acrylate, was a key component in protecting the interior of the Clos du Bois Winery in Sonoma County.

CNA Center

The CNA Center in Chicago, IL chose Series 1072 Fluoronar in CNA Red for its topcoat to provide outstanding color and gloss retention and greatly extend maintenance cycles.

Cocoa Water Storage Tank

As part of its Star Spangled Tower Salute program, Tnemec donated the Old Glory Red and Blue paint to the City of Cocoa, FL for the three American flags painted on their water tank

Coeur d'Alene Bridge

Tnemec’s Omnithane, a moisture-cured urethane containing MIO and zinc, was used to protect the Northwest Boulevard Bridge in Coeur d’Alene, ID, a popular tourist destination.

Colonial Terminals Fuel Storage Tanks

Series 1074 Endura-Shield II protects the steel tanks against abrasion, wet conditions, corrosive fumes and exterior weathering.

Colorado Convention Center

The above photo of the Colorado Convention Center, taken in early 2007, shows the newest addition to the facility. Exterior curtain walls were included to blend the look of the new addition with the existing facility which is protected with high perf

Crestview Water Tank

Series 1028 Enduratone, a High Dispersion Pure acrylic polymer, was chosen to protect the exterior of the water tank in Crestview, MO because it could be roller applied and still maintain dryfall characteristics.

Cross Station Unit #2 Coal-Fired Power Plants

Cross Station Unit #2 can be seen in the background of the first photo and all steel surfaces were coated with Series 113 H.B. Tneme-Tufcoat.

Cross Station Unit #3 & #4 Coal-Fired Power Plants

All exterior steel on units #3 and #4 at the Cross Station Coal-Fired Power Plants were primed with Series 90-97 Tneme-Zinc and top coated with Series 30 Spra-Saf EN.

Crude Oil Storage Tank

After top to bottom repairs were made to a 210-foot by 64-foot floating roof tank used to store crude oil at a pipeline terminal in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada, the project received top-notch corrosion protection from a thick-film internal lining

Crystal Lake Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

Among the many Tnemec coatings applied in the City of Crystal Lake water and wastewater treatment plants was Series 971 Aerolon Acrylic. It was applied to hot air blowers to combat corrosion and to protect personnel.

Cullison Concrete Elevated Water Storage Tank

Series 406 was applied to the tank’s interior providing excellent corrosion resistance properties.

Cyltron Factory Floor

Products from Tnemec's StrataShield line of floor coatings were specified for the concrete floors at the new Cyltron facility in Oakville, Ontario.

Dallas Love Airport Parking Garage

Chemprobe water repellents protect the parking garages at the Dallas Love Field Airport.

Darien Standpipe

The City of Darien standpipe in Illinois used four different colors of Tnemec’s advanced thermoset fluoropolymer because of its exceptional color and gloss retention.

Darree Fields Elevated Storage Tank

The new elevated water storage tank located at the Darree Fields sports complex in Dublin, OH was chosen from over 100 entries as the 2009 Tnemec Tank of the Year.

DeKalb, IL Water Treatment Plant

For the City of DeKalb’s $12 million WTP improvement program, Tnemec Company provided 16 different coatings for everything from flooring, process equipment and CMU to a Hydroppiller water tank.

Dene Lambkin Hyundai

The service area floor at Dene Lambkin Hyundai in Quincy, IL features a coating system from Tnemec's StrataShield flooring line.

Denver International Airport

More than 40,000 gallons of Tnemec coatings were used to protect the Denver International Airport, including less obvoius areas such as the 60,000 sq.ft. underground heating and cooling plant, fire and rescue stations, baggage handling system, Contin

Derby Water Tanks

The top photo shows the new hydropillar, while the bottom two photos show the existing tanks in Derby, KS. All three tanks received various Tnemec protective coatings.

Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant

Tnemec high performance coatings protect steel and concrete surfaces within the secondary containment area at the Detroit, MI Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Domtar Paper

Series 446 Perma-Shield MCU provides excellent chemical resistance for the clarifier at Domtar Paper in Port Huron, MI.

Dormont Memorial Stadium

The Dormont Memorial Stadium is protected with Tnemec high-performance coatings.

Duncan Park Baseball Stadium

This historic stadium in Spartanburg, S.C., utilized Tnemec coating systems as part of a grassroots renovation effort in 2013.

Duquesne Pedestrian Skywalk

All exposed steel on the Duquesne Pedestrian Skywalk in Pittsburgh, PA received a prime coat of Series 90-97 Tneme-Zinc which provides excellent corrosion resistance.

Durango Jail

Coatings from Tnemec’s StrataShield line protect the floors and walls at the Durango Jail in Phoenix, AZ.

Earlywine Family Aquatic Center

Tnemec and Chemprobe coatings protect the building and entryway at the Earlywine Family Aquatic Center in Oklahoma City, OK.

East End WWTP

Tnemec coatings protect 42,000 sq.ft. of concrete at the East End Wastewater Treatment Facility in Portland, ME.

Ecker Hill Middle School

Series 156 Enviro-Crete provides excellent protection for the exterior of the Ecker Hill Middle School in Park City, UT.

Eden Prairie City Hall Maintenance Facility

A StrataShield floor coating system including Series 224 Deco-Fleck, Series 284 Deco-Clear and Series 295 Clear CRU protects the concrete floors at the City Hall Maintenance Facility in Eden Prairie, MN.

Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas

The 540-foot replica of the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas is protected with a Tnemec coating system that provides excellent weathering properties and corrosion protection.

Elevated Concrete Water Tank

Tnemec coatings that are ANSI/NSF Standard 61 certified for use in potable water protect the interior of the elevated concrete water tank in Prescott, Ontario.

Elevated Water Storage Tank

Both the interior and exterior of the elevated water storage tank in West Des Moines, IA are protected with Tnemec high performance coatings.

Ethanol Fuel Storage Tank Lining

The Tank Armor lining system applied to the interior of an ethanol fuel storage tank at a Massachusetts refinery offers excellent resistance to 100% ethanol over a wide range of temperatures.

Excalibur Casino

The turrets at the Excalibur Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas were painted with Tnemec’s Series 1070 Fluoronar, chosen for its superior color & gloss retention.

Excel Dental

A StrataShield decorative flake flooring system was installed in at a laboratory at Excel Dental Studios in Spring Lake Park, MN.

Exelon Pavilions Millenium Park

Nearly 200 gallons of Tnemec protective coatings were applied to interior concrete floors and exterior steel paneling and railings at the Exelon Pavilions in Chicago’s Millennium Park.

Exploration Tower Observation Deck

Exploration Tower was voted the “Outstanding Award for New Construction” in the $10 to $50 million category at the Structural Engineering Awards held in Washington, D.C.

Fair Oaks Corporate Center

The aged roofs of the Fair Oaks Corporate Center were coated in Tnemec’s Series 1072 Fluroronar saving the owner half the cost of replacing the entire roof.

Fields Corner MBTA Station

The Fields Corner MBTA Station in Dorchester, MA chose Series 1078 Fluoronar Metallic to meet the project’s life cycle needs.

Food Processing Facility Ceiling

Tnemec’s Aerolon coatings system, featuring Series 971 Aerolon Acrylic, helped prevent condensation on the ceiling of this facility.

Fort Smith 7.5 Million Gallon Water Tank

The 7.5 Million Gallon water tank in Fort Smith, AR received a high-performance coating system from Tnemec to protect it from mildew as well as UV light degradation, abrasion, and chalking.

Foster Recreation Center

After several construction-related delays and more than 2,000 gallons of Tnemec coatings, the 100,000 sq. ft. Foster Recreation Center at Missouri State University has become a campus hotspot.

Four Penn Center Building

The aluminum surface of the Four Penn Center Building in Philadelphia is protected with an epoxy/urethane/urethane coating system from Tnemec.

Four Seasons Resort

Series 156 Enviro-Crete, a modified waterborne acrylate coating, protects the stucco exterior at the Four Seasons Resort in Scottsdale, AZ.

Fox Creek Veterinary Hospital

Various Tnemec coating systems protect the Fox Creek Veterinary Hospital in Wildwood, MO.

Frances Meadows Aquatic and Community Center

Approximately 20 high-performance coatings from Tnemec were used to protect the Frances Meadows Aquatic and Community Center in Gainesville, GA.

Freedom Hall

Tnemec’s high-performance StrataShield Flooring System gave new life to the high-traffic ramps at Freedom Hall in Kentucky.

Friendship Park Water Tank

Series 700 HydroFlon’s fluoropolymer technology protects the exterior of the Friendship Park Water Tank in Yuma, AZ from the scorching desert sun.

Fruition Fruits & Fills

Series 245 Ultra-Tread S, a polyurethane modified concrete floor topping, is formulated to withstand thermal shock due to hot liquids and aggressive cleaning procedures used in food and beverage facilities.

Furman Foods Inc.

Series 297 Enviro-Glaze, a waterborne polyurethane, provides enhanced abrasion and stain resistance for the overhead steel beams and interior walls at the Furman Foods plant in Northumberland, PA.

Gaylord Entertainment Center

Primers from Tnemec were used to protect the steel at the Gaylord Entertainment Center in Nashville

Gem Water Storage Tank

The pedestal in Gem, IN was the first water tank to feature Tnemec's Series 91-H2O Hydro-Zinc as an interior primer.

Geneseo Historical Museum

Series 156 Enviro-Crete, a durable coating for exterior masonry substrates, protects the Geneseo Historical Museum in Illinois.

Geneva, IL Wastewater Plant

A total of 2,800 gallons of protective coatings were used to protect the interior tanks, piping, floors and exterior brick at the City of Geneva’s Wastewater Treatment Plant.

George Fuller Building

Tnemec’s Premier Finishes protect the 1929 six-story art deco metal figures and decorative features in bronze and cast iron that distinguish this Manhattan landmark.

Georgetown Pedestrian Bridges

For the pedestrian bridges over the historic C&O Canal, Tnemec met numerous National Park Service restoration demands including custom color matching a special Park Service brown.

Georgetown University Law Sports & Rec Facility

For the exterior curtain wall of the new Sports & Fitness Facility at the Georgetown University Law Center, Ellerbe Becket selected Tnemec coating systems because “we always try and use Tnemec coatings on our sports centers.”

Georgia Aquarium

Series 1080 Endura-Shield, a waterborne acrylic polyurethane with excellent color and gloss retention, protects the structural steel over the top of an 800,000-gallon beluga whale tank at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.

Georgia Dome

Series 1071 Fluoronar provides long-term color and gloss retention for the exterior of the Georgia Dome, home of the Atlanta Falcons football team.

Ghirardelli Square Residential Condos

Because of its good color and gloss stability, Series 1029 Enduratone was applied as the finish coat to the Ghirardelli Square Residential Condos in San Francisco, CA.


A Stranlok epoxy coating system reinforced with a fiberglass mat protects the walls at the GIBCO pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Grand Island, NY.

Gloucester WWTP Restoration

A Perma-Shield lining system was used at the WWTP in Gloucester, MA to protect the concrete from H2S gas permeation.

Goose Creek Cooling Tower

Approximately 400 gallons of Tnemec coatings were used to protect the water cooling tower and connecting pipes at the Williams Station Power Plant in Goose Creek, SC.

Granbury Water Storage Tank

Series 700 HydroFlon was the exterior topcoat of choice for the water tank in Granbury, TX.

Great America Place Trellis

A low-VOC, protective coating system from Tnemec was chosen for the Great America Place Trellis in Santa Clara, CA.

Great American Tower Tiara

Adorning the 41-story Great American Tower in Cincinnati, Ohio, rests the award-winning rooftop tiara constructed of architecturally exposed structural steel featuring a fluoropolymer coating system from Tnemec.

Great Ape Trust

The floors and walls at Great Ape Trust in Des Moines, IA feature a unique, alternating design of Deco-Tread and Deco-Fleck coating systems from Tnemec.

Greensburg Water Tower Reconstruction

The top photo shows the devastation after the 2007 tornado in Greensburg, KS. The bottom photo shows the newly constructed water tank after being protected with a topcoat of Series 700 HydroFlon.

Hall Road Lift Station

A Perma-Shield® system from Tnemec was chosen for the Hall Road Lift Station in Sandwich, IL because of its ability to withstand elevated H2S levels and protect the concrete from biogenic sulfide corrosion.

Hallidie Building Restoration

Coating systems from Tnemec helped to restore the historic Hallidie Building, in San Francisco, California, to its former glory. It was one of the first buildings in America to utilize the glass curtain wall structure. Photos courtesy Sherman Takata,

Hammons Field

Series 73 Endura-Shield protects the structural steel at Hammons Field in Springfield, MO against abrasion, fumes, chemicals and exterior weathering.

Harvard Water Tank

Series 1080 Endura-Shield, a waterborne acrylic polyurethane, was chosen to protect the exterior of the City of Harvard, IL water tank because of its ability to achieve a high gloss appearance.

Harvey Wastewater Treatment Plant

Series 120 Vinester, a novolac vinyl ester coating, has been protecting the concrete at the Harvey Wastewater Treatment Plant, one of the most aggressive wastewater environments in the deep south, from corrosion since 1987 with almost no sign of dete

Hefner Road Water Tank

Completed in time for the 1989 U.S. Olympic Festival, the Hefner Road Water Tank received a makeover with Tnemec protective coatings.

Henry Doorly Zoo Orangutan Building

Nearly every addition to the Henry Doorly Zoo spanning the past 30 years, including the Orangutan Building constructed in 2005, specified the use of Tnemec protective coating systems.

Hill Country Bakery

StrataShield's Ultra-Tread floor toppings were used to protect the concrete floors at the Hill Country Bakery in San Antonio.

Hollywood West Elevated Water Tank

The elevated water tank in Hollywood, FL, was chosen from more than 140 entries as the 2011 Tnemec Tank of the Year. The tank stands protected with a coating system featuring HydroFlon.

Holocaust Memorial Museum

The exposed metal in the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., was coated with Tnemec protective coatings when the museum was built in 1993.

Hopkins Ground Storage Tank

Series 740 UVX provides superior color and gloss retention for the Hopkins Ground Storage Tank in Hopkins County, TX.

Houston Metro Labco Facility

Chemprobe's Series 620 Phylon 1422 protects the exterior of the Houston Metro Labco facility.

Humber Wastewater Plant, Digester Nos. 1 & 2

Designed to provide a durable lining in a single coat application, Series 406 Elasto-Shield protects the interior of Digester Nos. 1 & 2 at the Humber Wastewater Treatment Plant in Toronto, Ontario.

Huntersville Water Tank

The interior and exterior steel of the Huntersville Water Tank in North Carolina was primed with Series 94-H2O Hydro-Zinc to protect against corrosion.

Huntsville Hydropillar

Series 740 UVX was selected as the finish coat on the exterior of the Huntsville Hydropillar in Huntsville, TX because of its resistance to abrasion and exterior weathering.

Hutchinson Water Treatment Center

The concrete floors, masonry walls, and steel tanks were protected with various high-performance coatings from Tnemec.

Iron Horse Trail Pedestrian Bridge

The Iron Horse Trail Pedestrian Bridge is protected by Tnemec coatings. All steel surfaces and support sections of the bridge received coatings that will keep it looking like new while protecting it from wear and tear from pedestrians and the environ

Island Health and Fitness Center

Series 115 Uni-Bond DF, a one-coat corrosion-resistant finish, protects the dry interior overhead of the exercise area at the Island Health & Fitness Center in Ithaca, NY, while Series 1075 Endura-Shield II, an aliphatic acrylic polyurethane highly r

ISU Indoor Training Facility

The unique exterior skeleton design at the ISU Indoor Training Facility in Ames is protected with Series 1070 Fluoronar, a fluoropolymer coating that provides outstanding color and gloss retention.

IUPUI Natatorium

Series 66 Hi-Build Epoxoline was used at the IUPUI Natatorium in Indianapolis, IN to protect the steel from the chlorine vapors.

Jackson Laboratories

Floors and walls in this $1.1 billion laboratory facility are finished with durable and chemical resistant coating systems from Tnemec.

Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

The Javits Center’s space frame design was enhanced with Tnemec coatings when it was first constructed in 1985 and, nearly 30 years later, was recoated using Tnemec’s high-performance, self-crosslinking acrylic coating, Series 115 Uni-Bond DF.

Jean Lesage International Airport Terminal

One hundred sixty gallons of Series 1075U Endura-Shield II were used at the Jean Lesage International Airport Terminal in Quebec City.

Jewel Box

Tnemec coatings, including Series 30 Spra-Saf EN, a fast-curing acrylic polymer, were specified in 2002 for the renovation of the historic Jewel Box in St. Louis, MO.

Jewel-Osco Food & Drug Store

The inorganic oxide pigments in Series 607 Conformal Stain provide fade resistance for enhanced color visibility, making the product a great choice for the exterior precast concrete panels at the Jewel-Osco Food & Drug Store in Chicago.

John Deere Pavilion

A coating system of Series 66 Hi-Build Epoxoline and Series 73 Endura-Shield was used at the John Deere Pavilion in Moline, IL to provide abrasion protection and aesthetic value.

John S. Rainey Generating Station

The John S. Rainey Generating Station in Starr, SC received a high-performance coating system from Tnemec to protect it from potentially damaging conditions.

Johnson County Courthouse

Tnemec coatings provide corrosion protection for the historic Johnson County Courthouse in Franklin, IN.

Joliet Speedway Water Storage Tank

Coated inside and out with Tnemec’s Series 91-H2O Hydro-Zinc primer, the Chicagoland Speedway Water Tank in Joliet, IL was voted 2001 Tank of the Year in its category by the Steel Plate Fabricators Association.

Joplin Water Tank

Series 700 HydroFlon was chosen as the Joplin Water Tank topcoat based on its exceptional color and gloss retention.

Junction Bridge

The steel handrails and stair casings on the Junction Bridge in Little Rock, AR received a topcoat of Series 1074U Endura-Shield II because of the coating’s added UV protection.

Kakela Water Storage Tank

After a decade of exterior weathering in tropical sunlight, hot weather, humidity and frequent rains, the gloss and color of the Series 700 HydroFlon topcoat applied to the Kakela water storage tank in Kauai, HI, remain intact with no noticeable chan

Kalahari Water Park Resort, Sandusky

Tnemec coating systems were specified for the structural steel in the pool area as well as floors and walls throughout the shower rooms, kitchen and prep areas, and souvenir shops at the Kalahari Water Park Resort in Sandusky, OH.

Kansas City Star Press Pavilion

The floors and structural steel at the Kansas City Star Press Pavilion are protected with high performance coatings from Tnemec.

Kaverton Warehouse

Series 1029 Enduratone, a High Dispersion Pure acrylic polymer, provides long-term protection for the Kaverton Warehouse in District Heights, MD.

Kirk Road Hydropillar

Chosen for the exterior of the Kirk Road Hydropillar in Austintown, OH, Series 700 HydroFlon is an excellent alternative to a four-coat system because it eliminates the need for a clear coat.

Koch Storage Tank

Concerned about possible overspray when repainting the large Koch storage tank in St. James Parish, LA, contractors chose Series 30 Spra-Saf EN, a hydrophobic acrylic polymer with dry-fall properties.

Kohl's Department Store, Inc.

Chemprobe’s Series 607 Conformal Stain was used to protect the exterior of the Kohl’s Department Store in Oswego, IL.

L.A. Metro Bus Maintenance Facility

The L.A. Metro Bus Maintenance Facility in Los Angeles, CA chose Series 247 EverThane to protect the floors from chemical contact, abrasion and staining.

Laboratory Window Frames

Condensation can be limited by applying the Aerolon coatings system to window frames. This display shows the difference in condensation between one side (right) sprayed with Aerolon and the other (left) uncoated.

Ladd-Peebles Stadium

Series 740 UVX was chosen as the topcoat for the steel at Ladd-Peebles Stadium in Mobile, AL because of its superior color and gloss retention properties.

Laguna Beach Wet Well Rehabilitation

The severely deteriorated concrete of the Bluebird Sewer Pump Station in Laguna Beach, California, required a fiber reinforced coating from Tnemec to act as a barrier between the concrete and the corrosive sewer gases. As depicted in the third photo,

Lake Forest Water Tank

[Series 91-H2O Hydro-Zinc], the first organic zinc-rich primer to be ANSI/NSF Std. 61 certified for use on the interior of potable water tanks, was chosen to protect the 1.5 million gallon waterspheroid tank in Lake Forest, IL.

Lake Mary Hydropillar

The interior steel of the Lake Mary, FL hydropillar was coated with Series 20 Pota-Pox which is certified in accordance with ANSI/NSF Standard 61 for use on the interior of potable water tanks and reservoirs.

Lambeau Field

The $295 million renovation of Lambeau Field in 2001 features a Tnemec coating system that will allow the Packer’s trademark bright green and yellow colors to remain vivid while standing up to the punishing Green Bay weather.


Series 1028 Enduratone, a High Dispersion Pure acrylic polymer, protects the exterior of portable steel machinery manufactured by Lippmann-Milwaukee, Inc.

Lit Brothers Building

The historic Lit Brothers Building received a high-performance coating system from Tnemec in 2005 during a renovation that restored the 720,000-square-foot building that stands in downtown Philadelphia.

Litchfield Water Treatment Plant

Series N140 Pota-Pox Plus was applied to the ClariCone (top photo) at the City of Litchfield, IL WTP. The floor was coated with Series 201 Epoxoprime and Series 280 Tneme-Glaze (middle photo). The interior structural steel (third photo) was coated us

Little Sioux Corn Processors Secondary Containment

A 100% solids novolac epoxy lining formulated for use in aggressive chemical service protects the interior of the Little Sioux Corn Processors secondary containment structures in Marcus, Iowa.

Lombard Water Storage Tank

To give the water tank located in the Lilac Capital of the World long-lasting protection from UV rays, Tnemec supplied a polyamide epoxy, an aliphatic acrylic polyurethane and a fluoropolymer polyurethane exterior finish coat.

Low-Flow Sewer Pipe Infrastructure

The sewer interceptor pipes at the City of Mishawaka’s Low-Flow Sewer Infrastructure project in Indiana are lined with Tnemec’s Series 436 Perma-Shield FR, a 100% solids, fiber-reinforced polyamine epoxy for elevated H2S resistance.

Lyons Wet Well

Tnemec’s Perma-Shield System, designed specifically for severe wastewater environments, protects the lift station wet well in Lyons, NY from biogenic sulfide corrosion.

M&T Bank Stadium - Baltimore Ravens

When used as a topcoat Series 530 Omnithane provides a bright metallic finish while resisting corrosion, as seen here at M&T Bank Stadium, home of the Baltimore Ravens.

Marathon Cheese

A durable coating system was needed to protect the steel in the Marathon Cheese cooler building addition.

Marathon Oil

The dry-fall capability of Tnemec’s Spra-Saf system was a key reason it was selected for storage tanks & piping at the Marathon Ashland Petroleum Refinery in Reserve, LA.

Marion County Water Tank

The Marion County, South Carolina, water tank utilizes a fluoropolymer coating system from Tnemec to preserve the brightly colored beach ball design and official county slogan, “It’s just right!”

Martec Pharmaceutical, Inc.

StrataShield’s Stranlok fiber-reinforced coatings system was applied to the walls of Martec Plant #9 to provide a long-term shield against the plant’s aggressive, corrosive airborne acid and chemical solutions.

Maury County Animal Facility

A StrataShield flooring system from Tnemec featuring Series 237 Power-Tread was installed in the kennel area, operating area, exam rooms and wash areas at the Maury County Animal Facility in Columbia, TN.

McDonald's Corporate Hangar

Cleanability and abrasion resistance were two very important qualities for the McDonald’s Corporate Hangar in Chicago, IL, which is why Series 247 EverThane was chosen to protect the floors.

Meadowdale Dayton Water Tank

Series 700 HydroFlon was selected to coat the exterior of the Meadowdale Water Tank in Dayton, OH.

Melrose Heights Bolted Water Tank

Over 500 gallons of Series 740 UVX added color and gloss protection for the Melrose Heights bolted water tank.

Meramec Community College

Tnemec’s StrataShield flooring products were used to protect the cafeteria floor at the St. Louis Community College - Meramec.

Merck Water Tanks & Piping

In an effort to control condensation forming on water tanks and their associated piping, engineers at this facility selected Aerolon, an innovative, thermal insulating coating system from Tnemec.

Metro Davidson County Detention Facility

The Metro Detention Facility in Nashville, Tenn., used a variety of Tnemec systems on doors, showers, and cells to help achieve LEED silver certification.

Metro Farms Standpipe

The exterior of the Metro Farms standpipe in Kirtland, OH was coated with Series 740 UVX because of its resistance to abrasion and exterior weathering.

Metro Light Rail

The sixteen METRORail stations is Houston, TX are protected from coastal elements with a zinc/epoxy/urethane coating system from Tnemec.

Mexico Water Storage Tank

U.S. Senator from Missouri Kit Bond remarked on the improved appearance of the water tank in Mexico, MO after it was coated with Series 700 HydroFlon in late 2005.

Miami Children's Hospital

The exterior metal surfaces at the Miami Children’s Hospital are coated with Series 1070 Fluoronar to provide color and gloss retention in the most severe exposures.

Miami County Courthouse Restoration

This historic courthouse located in Troy, Ohio was the sight of one of the largest cast iron restorations in the United States. With use of Tnemec coating systems, the courthouse has regained its beauty. Photos courtesy of Mike Ullery, Miami Valley

Miami Performing Arts Center

The concrete floors at the Miami Performing Arts Center in Miami, FL were coated with Series 280 Tneme-Glaze to enhance the aesthetics and provide slip resistance.

Michellville 300,000 Gallon Water Tank

A coating system featuring Series 1074U and Series FC20 was used on the Mitchellville water tank in Iowa because of the high-build properties and labor cost savings.

Midland College ATC

Tnemec's high-performance StrataShield Flooring System gave new life to this 50-year-old GM, Ford and Chrysler automotive training center concrete floor.

Midland Composite Elevated Tank

Midland, Texas, is now home to the 2014 Tank of the Year. During the annual competition, the tank was voted by the public into the top twelve tanks and then chosen by the designated panel of judges as the winner.

Miller Creek Wastewater Plant

Because the headworks components could not be taken completely out of service during construction, Series 434 Perma-Shield H2S, a modified polyamine epoxy mortar, was chosen for its short cure time, chemical resistance and ability to be troweled to r

Milwaukee Art Museum

The Milwaukee Art Museum’s Burke Brise Soleill was the first building design constructed in the United States by acclaimed Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and is protected with Tnemec coatings.

Minneapolis - St. Paul International Airport Canopies

A zinc/epoxy/urethane coating system from Tnemec protects the structural steel canopies outside the terminals at the Minnesota Airport in Minneapolis, MN.

Miramar Elevated Water Storage Tank

Series 700 HydroFlon was chosen to protect the exterior of the Miramar Elevated Water Storage Tank because of its long-term color retention and resistance to UV light.

Modular Animal Care Facility

Various Tnemec coatings, including Series 273 Stranlok ML, a fiberglass mat-reinforced epoxy, were specified for 36,000 square feet of flooring and more than 100,000 square feet of drywall, CMU and poured concrete wall surfaces at the University of W

Moline Water Treatment Plant

Series 20 Pota-Pox and Series N140 Pota-Pox Plus, both epoxy coatings from Tnemec, protect the steel ClariCone units at the Moline Water Treatment Plant in Illinois.

Mollenkopf Athletic Center

Series 115 Uni-Bond DF was applied over the existing Series 10 primer on the interior overhead steel at the Mollenkopf Athletic Center in West Lafayette, IN because of its excellent corrosion resistance.

Moonlight Towers Restoration

The Moonlight Towers still in use today continue to be protected with a zinc/epoxy/urethane system from Tnemec.

Morongo Casino

A coating system that would provide long-term protection to the steel substrate and also maintain the appearance of the structure for years was necessary for the Desert Bloom Porte Cochere canopy at the Morongo Casino near Palm Springs, CA.

Morris Fire Station

Over one hundred fire station floors in Illinois and Wisconsin are protected with a StrataShield decorative quartz system, including the new 22,000 sq.ft. fire station in Morris, IL.

Mountaire Farms

Tnemec’s Series 30 Spra-Saf EN was selected for the grain mill storage tanks at Mountaire Farms in Millsboro, DE based on experience with the product on water storage tanks in nearby Ocean City, MD.

Mt. Vernon Water Tank

Mt. Vernon, Illinois is home to the 2013 Tank of the Year winner. The logo and tagline painted on the tank’s exterior is also used on local marketing and promotional material.

Muckleshoot Standpipe Recoat

The Muckleshoot Public Works standpipe was named a runner-up in the 2012 Tnemec Tank of the Year competition. The project was selected from more than 200 tanks and stands protected by a high-performance coating system from Tnemec.

Mukilteo Water District Tank

Series 701 HydroFlon, a fluoropolymer polyurethane topcoat, was chosen for the Mukilteo Water District Tank to provide extended color and gloss retention.

National Aquarium in Baltimore

Series 1071 Fluoronar provides long-term performance and excellent resistance to UV light for the exterior of the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

NCRA Refinery

Tnemec protective coatings were chosen to overcoat two tank shells at the NCRA Refinery in McPherson, KS.

Nebraska Furniture Mart

Various Tnemec coatings were used in the refurbishment of the Nebraska Furniture Mart building in Omaha, NE.

Nelson-Atkins Museum Shuttlecocks

The Shuttlecocks at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, MO are protected with Tnemec's Series 1072 Fluoronar.

NeoVertika High Rise

Series 607 Conformal Stain was chosen for the exterior of the NeoVertika High Rise in Miami, FL because of its excellent color stability.

Nerd Gas Company Hangar

Series 291 CRU is a popular choice for use on floors in aircraft hangars such as the McMurry Energy Hangar in Casper, WY.

New Orleans Convention Center

A high-performance coating from Tnemec protected the interior steel trusses used in the facility’s ceiling during construction. Because of the size of the building, more than 3,000 gallons of coating were used to complete the project.

Newton Water Tank

The Newton, Kansas water tank was chosen as Tnemec Company’s 2010 Tank of the Year for its impressive exterior artwork that mimics a popular sculpture, also in Newton (middle photo), and use of a high-performance coating system featuring a fluoropoly

Nomax, Inc. Floor

Series 247 EverThane was chosen to coat the Nomax, Inc. facility in Missouri because of its excellent abrasion resistnace and high gloss finish.

North Branch Correctional

Tnemec coatings were used on both the interior and exterior of the North Branch Correctional Institution in Cumberland, MD.

North Hollywood Gateway

Series 1070V Fluoronar was chosen for the North Hollywood Gateway in Los Angeles, CA because of its excellent color and gloss retention. In addition, Fluoronar meets the SCAQMD regulations in the area.

Northfield Mountain Hydroelectric Facility

Large ball valves at the underground Northfield Mountain hydropower facility utilized a thermal insulating coating system from Tnemec, featuring Series 971 Aerolon Acrylic, to control year-round condensation.

Northgate North Retail Facility

An estimated 350 gallons of Series 90-97 Tneme-Zinc was used to prime the steel surfaces at the Northgate North Retail Facility in Seattle, WA.

Norwood Reverse Osmosis WTP Expansion

Series 156 Enviro-Crete protects the concrete exterior of the outer tank at the Norwood Reverse Osmosis WTP in North Miami Beach, FL against rain and UV light.

Nottingham Water Treatment Plant

The chemical feed area at the Nottingham Water Treatment Plant in Cleveland, OH was coated with Series 120 Vinester because of its resistance to various chemicals.

Oak Harbor Tank Murals

A water tank in Oak Harbor, Wash., was painted with Tnemec’s high-performance coatings to blend into the surrounding forest. The mural design was applied by Hennig Mural Design, Inc., a company that has created numerous tank murals.

Oakbrook Family Aquatic Center

Various Tnemec coatings were used to protect the concrete block walls, reinforced concrete floors, structural steel framing, galvanized roof decking and steel joist roof framing at the Oakbrook Family Aquatic Center in Illinois.

Oakridge Water Storage Tanks

Murals were painted on the Oakridge water tanks in Placerville, CA with the same aliphatic acrylic polyurethane coating used as an overcoat on both tanks.

Okaloosa County Elevated Water Tank

The Okaloosa County Elevated Water Tank was chosen as Tnemec’s 2012 Tank of the Year because of its beach design that was applied with a high-performance coating system featuring Hydro-Flon.

Oklahoma City Mural

The series of 850-pound concrete panels used to create the Oklahoma City Mural were painted with Tnemec protective coatings prior to installation at a building in downtown Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma State Capitol Dome

Series 394 PerimePrime protects the steel superstructure within the new dome at the Oklahoma State Capitol in Oklahoma City.

Omohundro Water Treatment Plant

After discovering severe corrosion under insulation in the Omohundro Water Plant, engineers applied the Aerolon coating system from Tnemec to resist future issues involved with CUI.

Oneida Wastewater Plant

Two coats of a moisture-cured urethane was spray applied to the tanks and basins at the Oneida Wastewater Treatment Plant, providing superior resistance to H2S permeation compared to traditional thin-film epoxies and coal tar products.

Oneota Street Pump Station

Because areas of the Oneota Street Pump Station in Duluth, MN were severly deteriorated, Series 218 MortarClad was used to resurface and repair the concrete.

Orange Beach 6,000,000 Gallon Standpipe

Series 700 HydroFlon, a fluoropolymer polyurethane finish, provides excellent color and gloss retention for the exterior of the standpipe in Orange Beach, AL.

Orange County Sanitation District

Series 406 Elasto-Shield protects the concrete modules at the Orange County Sanitation District’s secondary treatment facility against biogenic sulfide corrosion.

Pabst Brewery Parking Structure

The Pabst Brewery Parking Structure in Milwaukee, WI received a coating system from Tnemec contributing to the development’s platinum certification for LEED.

Palermo Pizza

Series 270 Stranlok, a fiberglass-reinforced epoxy coating, protects the walls at Palermo Pizza in Milwaukee, WI from the thermal shock of daily high-pressure steam cleaning.

Palmer 500,000 Gallon Tank

Series FC22 Epoxoline was used to coat the interior of the Palmer 500,000 Gallon Tank in Missouri City, TX because of its rapid cure capability and high-build substrate protection.

Palo Alto Natatorium

Series 66 Hi-Build Epoxoline, the industry standard for epoxy coatings for over 30 years, protects the concrete pool at the Palo Alto Natatorium in San Antonio, TX.

Panama City Legged Water Tank

The Panama City water tank was named a runner-up in the 2012 Tnemec Tank of the Year competition. The project was selected from more than 200 tanks and stands protected by a high-performance coating system from Tnemec.

Pankow Museum

Chemprobe's Series 617 Conformal Stain WB was used to restore the natural sandstone exterior of the Pankow Museum in San Francisco.

Parker H. Petit Science Center

The laboratory suites at the Petit Science Center protect its walls and ceilings with a high-performance coatings system known for its cleanability and stain resistance.