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Series 208 | Epoxoprime MVT

Generic Type Modified Polyamine Epoxy
Common Usage Epoxoprime MVT is a unique, moisture-tolerant, two component, low viscosity, high solids epoxy primer designed to reduce moisture vapor emissions and provide alkalinity control for concrete with elevated moisture vapor transmission levels that exceed the acceptable limits of non-breathing resilient and polymer floor topping finishes. Epoxoprime MVT can be applied to properly prepared, 10 day old concrete and withstands moisture vapor transmission up to 15 lbs (per ASTM F 1869) and relative humidity up to 95% (per ASTM F 2170). Epoxoprime MVT has a low perm rating (0.05 perm) and is alkaline insensitive to pH levels of 14.
Colors Clear. Can be field-tinted (Series 820 Field Tint) in 16 StrataShield colors and certain custom colors. Contact your Tnemec representative for additional information. Note: Lack of ventilation, incomplete mixing, miscatalyzation or the use of heaters that emit carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide during application and initial stages of curing may cause blushing to occur.
Surfacer/Filler/Patcher Series 208 mixed with fumed silica may be used for small patches or crack repairs. Certain high-early strength, cementious repair mortars are also acceptable for deeper filling and patching. Contact Tnemec for further qualifications.
Topcoats Series 201, 205, 206, 206SC, 210, 222, 223, 224, 233, 237, 237SC, 238, 239, 239SC, 247, 248, 280, 280FC, 281, 282, 290, 291, 294, 295, 296, 297. Note: Refer to the applicable topcoat data sheet for color availability and additional information. Note: If Series 247 (tinted), 248 (tinted), 290, 291 or 297 is selected for the finish coat, Series 208 must be tinted or a tinted intermediate coat must be utilized.
Volume Solids 100% (mixed)
Recommended DFT 16.0 to 20.0 mils (406 to 508 microns) per coat. Note: The potential for outgassing increases with higher film thickness. Care should be taken during application to reduce these occurrences. Reference the application section of this product datasheet for important information on environmental requirements.
Curing Time
TemperatureTo TopcoatMax Recoat
75°F (24°C)6-8 hours 24 hours
Note: If more than 24 hours have elapsed between coats, the coated surface must be mechanically abraded before
topcoating. Note: If Series 208 is used as the primer for an epoxy mortar system, the 208 primer must be reprimed with Series 201 or 237 prior to placing the mortar. The mortar application should take place while the Series 201 or 237 is still tacky, typically up to four hours, otherwise, aggregate should be lightly broadcast into the 201 or 237 primer while wet so to provide anchor points for the trowel application. Do not broadcast aggregate into the Series 208 Epoxoprime MVT.
Volatile Organic Compounds 0.09 lbs/gallon (11 grams/litre)
HAPS 0.0 lbs/gal solids
Theoretical Coverage 1,604 mil sq ft/gal (39.4 m²/L at 25 microns). See APPLICATION for coverage rates.
Number of Components Two: Part A and Part B (2 Parts A to 1 Part B by volume)
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1 Product is NOT suitable for direct or indirect food contact. Intended Use and temperature information relates    to product's performance capabilities only.

2 Product is suitable for direct or indirect food contact. Reference the product data sheet for more information.

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This ProductModified Polyamine Epoxy

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