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Series 161HS | Tneme-Fascure

Generic Type Polyamide Epoxy
Common Usage A high-solids, low VOC, pure polyamide epoxy offering excellent protection to a wide range of substrates in atmospheric and immersion environments. Its fast-cure characteristics are ideal for shop or low temperature application. Versatile use as a primer, intermediate, or topcoat it is complimented by a variety of finish coat options.
Colors Refer to Tnemec Color Guide. Note: Epoxies chalk with extended exposure to sunlight and may yellow on aging. Lack of ventilation, incomplete mixing, miscatalyzation or the use of heaters that emit carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide during application and initial stages of curing may accelerate any potential yellowing. Note: Special color bases are recommended for immersion service. Contact your Tnemec representative for more information.
Finish Satin
Surfacer/Filler/Patcher 215, 217, 218
Primers Steel: Self-priming or Series 1, 20HS, FC20HS, 27, 27WB, 66HS, 90-97, 90-98, 90E-92, 90G-1K97, 91-H2O, 94-H2O, 135, 394, V530
Concrete: Self-priming, 20HS, FC20HS, 66HS
CMU: 130, 1254
Topcoats 46H-413, 27WB, 30, 72, 73, 104, 113, 114, 115, 141, 161HS, 262, 265, 290, 291, 740, 750, 1026, 1028, 1029, 1070, 1070V, 1071, 1071V, 1072, 1072V, 1074, 1074U, 1075, 1075U, 1080, 1081, 1095. Refer to COLORS on applicable topcoat data sheets for additional information. Note: When topcoating Series 161HS, the following maximum recoat times apply: with 262 or 265, 7 days; with 740 or 750, 14 days; with 1095, 30 days; with itself, 46H-413, 27WB, 104, 113, 114, 290, 291, 1070, 1070V, 1071, 1071V, 1072, 1072V, 1080 or 1081, 60 days; with 72, 73, 1074, 1074U, 1075 or 1075U, 90 days. Scarify the Series 161HS surface before topcoating if maximum recoat time has elapsed.
Volume Solids 78% ± 2.0% (mixed) †
Recommended DFT 2.0 to 10.0 mils (50 to 254 microns) per coat.
Note: Number of coats and thickness requirements will vary with substrate, application method and exposure. Contact your Tnemec representative.
Curing Time
TemperatureTo TouchTo HandleTo RecoatImmersion†
75°F (24°C)1 hour6 hours7-8 hours5 days
65°F (18°C)2 hours6-8 hours8-10 hours7 days
55°F (13°C)3 hours10-12 hours14-16 hours9 days
45°F (7°C)5 hours18-20 hours22-24 hours10 days
35°F (2°C)6 hours30 hours36-40 hours16 days
† For water immersion only. Chemical storage will require additional cure time. Curing time varies with surface temperature, air movement, humidity and film thickness.
Ventilation: When used as a tank lining or in enclosed areas, provide adequate ventilation during application and cure.
Volatile Organic Compounds Unthinned: 1.53 lbs/gal (184 grams/litre)
Thinned 10% (No. 4 Thinner): 2.02 lbs/gallon (242 grams/litre)
Thinned 20% (No. 4 Thinner): 2.43 lbs/gallon (291 grams/litre) †
HAPS Unthinned: 1.15 lbs/gal solids
Thinned 10% (No. 4 Thinner): 1.87 lbs/gal solids
Thinned 20% (No. 4 Thinner): 2.58 lbs/gal solids
Theoretical Coverage 1,248 mil sq ft/gal (30.7 m²/L at 25 microns). See APPLICATION for coverage rates. †
Number of Components Two: Part A (epoxy) and Part B (polyamide)
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The chemical resistance data listed on this website should only be used for general reference purposes. Substrates, temperatures, chemical combinations, and other variables can affect the performance of a coating in chemical exposure. Please contact your local to finalize the most appropriate system for your project.

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1 Product is NOT suitable for direct or indirect food contact. Intended Use and temperature information relates    to product's performance capabilities only.

2 Product is suitable for direct or indirect food contact. Reference the product data sheet for more information.

Recommended Use
Chemical Occasional Contact Frequent Contact Secondary Containment Cargo Immersion Immersion Service

1 Product is NOT suitable for direct or indirect food contact. Intended Use and temperature information relates    to product's performance capabilities only.

2 Product is suitable for direct or indirect food contact. Reference the product data sheet for more information.

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