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Florida Water Tank Earns Its Day in the Sun

In a recent competition of nearly 300 water storage tanks, a legged tank in Destin, Florida, has been named the 2017 Tank of the Year. This annual contest sponsored by Tnemec Company, Inc., an industry-leading manufacturer of protective coatings and linings, showcased water tanks of all varieties fr...

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Tnemec Names Terry Wallace Vice President of Business Development/Customer Experience

Tnemec Company Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-performance coatings and linings,has named Terry Wallace Vice President of Business Development/Customer Experience, according to Chase Bean, President. In this position, Wallace will oversee Tnemecs customer service and credit departments, manage ...

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Sculptor Finds Inspiration in ‘River That Flows Both Ways’

A superblock development in New York City might seem an unlikely source of inspiration for a piece of artwork representing open spaces and nature. But thats exactly where visual artist Stephen Glassman developed the concept for his highly acclaimed sculpture entitled Flows Two Ways. Commissioned as ...

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Avoid Underestimating Overcoat Risk Factors

Determining whether overcoating aged paint systems is a feasible alternative to complete removal and repainting requires careful consideration of several variables, starting with the condition of the existing coating system. Old paint systems with high delamination risk factors are usually not candi...

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Deep Tunnels Draw Down Chicago’s Troubled Waters

Chicagos Tunnel and Reservoir Plan (TARP), also known as The Deep Tunnel, will mark another milestone this year when the first stage of the McCook Reservoir is scheduled to go online with its capacity to store 3.5 billion gallons of storm water and sewage. Upon completion of the reservoir in 2029, t...

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Preserving the Legacy of Santa Monica Pier

From its dedication in 1909, to last years celebration of the 90th anniversary of Route 66, the Santa Monica Pier has been among southern Californias most popular attractions and historical landmarks. Currently, more than 3 million people visit the Pier each year, the Santa Monica Landmark Propertie...

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Urban Streams are Deluged by a 'Perfect Storm'

In cities across the nation, the replacement of permeable soil and vegetation with roads, parking lots, buildings and sidewalks has created a perfect storm for urban streams, resulting in increased flood hazards and channel erosion. Common consequences of urban development are increased peak dischar...

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Water Tanks Are Trending Toward Artful Expression

The La Porte, Texas, legged water tower with its picturesque Life By The Bay mural recently appeared in a Houston Chronicle profile of The Safest Suburbs in the Houston Area. In its portrayal of a booming Omaha, Nebraska, suburb, the local daily newspaper designed a layout dominated by a photograph ...

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Endura-Heat Coatings Provide Protection from High-Temperature Corrosion

Tnemec Company Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-performance coatings and linings, has introduced a line of products built to provide durable protection for surface temperatures up to 1200F (649C). The innovative Endura-Heat line of coatings offers performance against high heat, thermal shock and...

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Tnemec Expands R&D Facility and Upgrades Capabilities

Tnemec Company Inc., a leading manufacturer of protective coatings and linings, opened the doors of its new research and development facility on March 30, 2017. This expansion of the companys current manufacturing plant in North Kansas City, Missouri, includes an upgrade that doubles the size of its...

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