Innovation in Every Coat

Tnemec Company has a reputation in the construction industry for reliable, high-performance coatings backed by unequaled technical support. But just saying you have a good reputation is easy. Actually earning it takes time and effort.

Since Tnemec’s founding in 1921 we’ve continually worked to provide the best coatings and service available. In an industry where coatings companies are routinely acquired, Tnemec remains one of the largest privately held specialty coatings companies in the United States, a distinction that provides our customers with all the resources of a large company but with the careful dedication to service expected of a family run business. Our unwavering commitment to private ownership has allowed us to remain focused on our long-term goals instead of the demands for short-term earnings performance.

This patient approach allows Tnemec to conduct extensive research before coating formulation even begins. For example, when we heard our customers commenting on the increased corrosion rates in wastewater treatment plants, we worked with engineers and testing laboratories to develop an innovative testing chamber that simulates an extremely severe headspace environment. The Severe Wastewater Analysis Test Chamber (S.W.A.T.) is now used to evaluate coating formulations. Our Perma-Shield line of products is a result of this work and is recognized as market leading.

Our formulators have one starting point for our coatings: performance. This over-riding objective influences the fundamental way we develop new coatings, ensuring that every aspect of our formulation is optimized with the highest-quality raw materials. Less expensive pigments and resins - or even fillers that can be used to cheapen a formulation - create a weak link in the coating film that lowers performance and increases life-cycle costs. Naturally, these types of raw materials are not used in Tnemec products. We also work closely with our suppliers so the latest technology is evaluated and integrated into our products, resulting in better corrosion protection, long-lasting aesthetic appeal and forward thinking air regulation compliance.

Tnemec coatings aren’t the only things that stay around for a while. Our coating consultants have an average of 15 years experience with the company. Many of them have worked in the same area for years, so they are familiar with their unique regional environments and know what coating systems will perform. In fact, many Tnemec coating consultants are second generation, serving their building community with tradition and heritage, and earning the trust and confidence of architects, engineers, owners and contractors.

These are the things we strongly believe in and make us who we are. But don’t take our word for it. Ask someone familiar with Tnemec and they’ll likely tell you about our reliability, performance and expertise. Because customers who have dealt with Tnemec know they are getting a lot more than what shows up in a bucket, which by comparison makes other coatings look like “just paint”.