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tel: 636.938.9292 fax: 636.938.5853
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The dynamic duo at Coating Solutions, LLC specializes in architectural and industrial markets, including water and wastewater, in southern Illinois and eastern Missouri. These principals rely on solid relationships with a host of experts to deliver completed projects, from specification writing and consulting with contractors on optimal coating application processes, all the way to the finished work. Networking and past experience with architects, engineers and business owners allows Coating Solutions to provide clients with valuable access to a team of preferred individuals. An important corollary service – superior record-keeping – allows Coating Solutions to quickly review records from past projects to streamline planning for future work. Of course, excellent customer service is an agency hallmark. What’s more, they like to infuse fun into the process, and enjoy amiable relationships with clients.

t: 636.938.9292 f: 636.938.5853
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