The marriage of Tnemec’s time-tested coatings technology and the world’s best insulating solid, aerogel, has produced an advanced coatings system featuring Aerolon – a fluid-applied, thermal insulating coating. Aerolon offers protection that combats deficiencies found with conventional insulation and it can be applied in areas where these traditional installations are problematic.

Part of a complete coatings system – that also includes specialty primers and topcoats – Series 971 Aerolon Acrylic exhibits superior adhesion and protects infrastructure in several ways. Ideal for coating pipes, valves, tanks, and structural steel, its thermal properties post more efficient R- and K-Values than other thermal insulating coatings and similar values to conventional materials such as polyurethane foam and mineral wool.

In side-by-side comparisons, Aerolon’s protective characteristics represent a more effective solution than virtually all other available options. And when applied in industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, water treatment plants, on architectural steel or storage tanks, it provides a long list of additional benefits including ultra-low heat transfer, resistance to corrosion under insulation (CUI), worksite safety and protection, thermal break and condensation control, while offering higher build and faster application.

Aerolon’s multiple benefits rise to a level of performance that offers viable solutions -- delivering innovation in every coat.

Aerolon OverviewCorrosion Under InsulationSafety and ProtectionUltra-Low Heat TransferAnti-CondensationThermal Break

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  • Aerolon: Water Bottle Condensation Test

    Aerolon: Water Bottle Condensation Test