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When customers depend on you for finished goods, count on long-lasting Tnemec coatings to help protect your factory operation. For exterior applications, the Chemprobe line of products keeps structures protected and looking great for years.

Processing and manufacturing facilities face incredible stresses through sustained use, often under extreme conditions. Tnemec's complete line of coatings protects processing and manufacturing facilities from these strains and extend the life of such facilities.

Tnemec’s StrataShield line features lasting floor and wall coatings that cure fast and are low odor, which limits facility downtime during installation. And with help from a Tnemec protective coatings consultant, your facility can enjoy the benefits of a custom-selected Micro-Clean System for seamless floor-to-ceiling coverage, enabling easy clean-up and minimized maintenance.

In addition to withstanding routine aggressive cleaning, Tnemec protective coating systems deliver durability against chemical exposure, abrasion and impact.

No matter what special considerations or customizations your facility demands, our knowledgeable, customer-focused coating consultants do what it takes to make your project a success