Peinture Drouin inc

350, St-Vallier OuestQuebec, Canada G1K 1K6
tel: (418) 522.2820 fax: (418) 522.0163

Peinture Drouin since 29 years is an ally for all your research with any special coatings. Every week, new customers contact us for sustainable solutions. We’re always looking out for new products on the market and remain at the forefront of ecological friendly coatings. With many years of experience, we have developed a unique department to assist you in all of your projects whether they are industrial, architectural or marine.

We have established exclusive relationships with the paint manufacturer Tnemec in different niche markets. We are always looking for the best quality, prices and value of your projects.

t: (418) 522.2820 f: (418) 522.0163
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